Jomise K7 speed cam evaluation: Vast efficiency and a puzzling phone dependency

Developing the K7 requires your phone, however after that it is an astonishing journey.

jomise k7


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As soon as I had the Jomise K7 Flee Cam up and working, I became as soon as impressed with the fine quality of its video captures, and most especially its ease of employ. I’ve in no arrangement earlier than described the usage of a slightly cam as relaxing, earlier than, however I’m asserting that about the K7.

Alas, having to glue to a phone to initialize the digicam no longer completely rubbed me the unhealthy arrangement, it proved unbiased a miniature finicky about phone compatibility. Why this odd requirement, when the leisure of the speed cam’s operation is phone-neutral, I’m in a position to’t say. But it completely puts a large crimp in what became as soon as otherwise a thoroughly very finest journey. 

Create and suggestions

The K7 ($169.97 on Amazon) is married to a semi-permanent sticky mount, both solid and enticing, with fleshy articulation on both axes. I feeble the note ‘married’ on reason—the digicam doesn’t detach from the mount. Because it’s also connected to the window by semi-permanent adhesive, as soon as it’s installed, you won’t be taking away it without concerns. That it sat in my convertible parked on a metropolis avenue for several weeks without being stolen became as soon as a minor miracle.

The K7 is a entrance-completely digicam, sporting a maximum 60-fps, 1600p resolution (default is 1440p). It supplies a truly large 170-diploma enviornment of gaze, and it uses a Sony IMX415 sensor, which, in unbiased a miniature of giveaway, does a truly, very nice job. We suggest the 1080p surroundings for each day employ to minimize storage necessities. There’s a 150mAh battery, although the digicam runs for completely a second or two as soon as strength is eradicated.

The constructed-in GPS embeds data within the video for playback the usage of the supplied app. Alas, the GPS doesn’t robotically alter the time on the digicam, as you’ll detect within the video captures confirmed underneath within the efficiency part.

Talking of such, the phone app is overall, although cleanly designed. It capability that you can to configure the phone, draw your travels, and gaze videos. This can all be carried out within the community on the speed cam as effectively—after the phone-basically basically based setup, that is. Which clearly, begs the query…

Why the phone?

Because the phone is no longer required post-setup, the title of this part is a legitimate query–one which became as soon as in no arrangement satisfactorily unanswered in my correspondence with the firm. It’s also unbiased a miniature of a mystery that the Jomise phone setup didn’t work with my older Honor 8. The firm claims enhance for Android your whole arrangement support to model 5, and the Honor 8 runs Android 7. 

screenshot 20201223 111110 IDG

I’d treasure to faucet “Agree,” if completely I’ll per chance net it. The dearth of such forced me to change to a particular phone.

The employ of the Honor 8, the scan code that appears when the speed cam powered on took me to a ineffective finish within the Google Play Store. I then downloaded the vital apparently acceptable app I came upon (HiKDashcam), which modified into out to be unhealthy for the K7.

As soon as I did salvage the valid app, (HiDashcam) it opened an agreement that acknowledged press “Agree,” with no Agree button seen or reachable. Be conscious the characterize. The agreement also perceived to exclaim I became as soon as quiet the usage of the older HiKDashCam app, so maybe there became as soon as a unfavourable interaction between the two installations.

Weeding out both apps then reinstalling the valid one didn’t cure the topic. Jomise claims to salvage examined the K7 the usage of older phones with no points. 

The upshot is that, as with the no longer too long within the past reviewed Cobra SC 201, I needed to employ a more moderen phone (Pixel 4X) to full the evaluation. With the Pixel 4X phone, setup became as soon as a lag: The scan code labored, the app connected (by Wi-Fi), and it became as soon as all appropriate. Within the occasion you’re the usage of a phone from 2015 or later, strive and be appropriate to switch.

But again, I must query Jomise’s decision to force customers to glue a phone to the speed cam to spark off it. There may per chance be no obvious profit for the finish particular person. As well to the technical points I skilled, having to divulge up an story on an app introduces privateness concerns as effectively. 

Interface redemption

As indispensable as I hated the phone-dependent, buggy setup, Jomise fully nailed it the interface and usefulness. It’s a joy. The 1.54-lag color demonstrate is touch-enabled, and swiping in varied directions navigates to varied suggestions and settings. Despite the moderately minute size of the cloak cloak, textual content is tremendous ample to learn without concerns, and the icons are tremendous ample to faucet without making employ of undue precision. All the pieces is logically laid out and as I acknowledged up high, it’s the completely speed cam I’ve ever even handed relaxing to employ. 

Oh, and within the occasion you salvage uninterested within the clock on the dwelling cloak cloak (assuming you allow it on), it is seemingly you’ll change it alongside with your salvage characterize. 

Video atonement

With one exception, the K7’s captures were honest, richly colored with honest ingredient. The exception became as soon as an occasional slack and very noticeable pulsing quit in brilliant areas at night, similar to streetlights. If I needed to wager, I’d say it became as soon as the lighting condition detection algorithm having unbiased a miniature of a laborious time.

Previous that, preserve a gander. I’m making a wager you’ll treasure what you gaze.

better front day k7 IDG

Though wet and grey delivery air (mostly), it is seemingly you’ll quiet gaze that the Sony sensor within the Jomise K7 captures honest day video. Here is the def

Though it wasn’t the ideal weather to divulge their salvage praises a slightly cam’s skills, the above drizzly day in San Francisco (some distance too uncommon this 365 days) is a truly appropriate have interaction. Tell that the GPS doesn’t watermark the divulge, very finest the velocity. Your whole data is embedded within the movement, alternatively, and shall be feeble with a playback app that reveals you on a draw where you were on the time the video became as soon as taken. Alas, the playback app wouldn’t set up on my PC for some reason. 

jomise k7 5 IDG

Entrance night video from the Jomise K7 underneath indispensable drier cases. The color is rich and slightly darn valid for an night have interaction.

The night have interaction confirmed above is in overall slightly noteworthy color-wise, extra valid than most I gaze. And, while there may per chance be numerous ingredient fresh within the default rendering, lightening the characterize will lift indispensable extra ingredient out of the shadows. 

Costly, tremendous, however phone activation?

As indispensable as I enjoyed the usage of the Jomise K7 and viewing its video, I salvage a laborious time recommending it. Now no longer as a result of the hassles with my older phone (which most of us will in no arrangement journey), and even the draw participant’s failure to set up. You very finest shouldn’t want a phone to initialize a slightly cam. Phone connectivity is sizable—phone dependency is no longer. 

Within the occasion you feel in a different way, then your completely obstacle is the moderately daunting impress tag. Hurdle that, and I’m slightly sure you’ll journey the post-setup K7 journey.

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  • The Jomise K7’s touchscreen interface is the ideal we salvage seen, and both the day and night video reach darn shut. The employ of a phone to spark off the digicam is a puzzling extra step.


    • Improbable touchscreen interface
    • Exceptionally appropriate-trying
    • Very very finest day and night video


    • Permanently mounted to adhesive mount
    • Requires activation by your smartphone

Jon is a Juilliard-expert musician, extinct x86/6800 programmer, and long-time (unhurried 70s) laptop fanatic living within the San Francisco bay enviornment. [email protected]

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