Jonah Peretti and Rich Antoniello present why BuzzFeed is seeking Advanced Networks

Peretti and Antoniello

June 29, 2021 by Tim Peterson

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The wave of media consolidation is cresting again. The most fresh example is BuzzFeed’s acquisition of Advanced Networks. BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti and Advanced Networks CEO Rich Antoniello joined the Digiday Podcast to chat about the deal.

The dialog with Peretti and Antoniello ranged from how Advanced Networks will fit interior BuzzFeed to how BuzzFeed’s producers would possibly perchance perchance substandard over into Advanced’s properties adore ComplexCon and vice versa. What came through within the interview is how the 2 executives look their respective companies as being within the next living collectively moderately than going it on my own in an industry dominated by wide tech platforms and other foremost media companies that continue to merge.

“In for the time being and age, how advanced it is a long way being an self reliant creator, I think it’s most efficient gotten an increasing number of advanced and the pandemic heightened that,” Antoniello acknowledged.

Turning valid into a media conglomerate comes with complexities, even though.

“That it is possible you’ll presumably repeat in companies that merge every part collectively and salvage some chief mumble officer who makes each and each a part of mumble the an identical — I suggest, it appropriate doesn’t work,” acknowledged Peretti. “You want editorial independence and that flows through even to the enterprise and to the partnerships you carry out and label licensing deals and native promoting and branded mumble.”

Here are just a few highlights from the dialog, which salvage been lightly edited for dimension and clarity.

Why Advanced Networks will salvage its salvage CEO

Peretti: There’s a bunch of issues that they carry out that truly all we are able to hope for is that BuzzFeed would possibly perchance perchance presumably relief promote or add some extra distribution. But then there’s other areas where presumably there’s more collaboration. However the motive Advanced will salvage a CEO is we’re seeing it as a extremely colossal enterprise and franchise that must salvage its independence.

How BuzzFeed’s and Advanced Networks’ companies review and contrast

Antoniello: The more I spoke to Jonah and the more our management groups obtained collectively and the more we checked out one one more’s companies and the stage of diversification of both companies nevertheless how we complementary we’re. Our energy in longer-accomplish mumble, their energy in shorter-accomplish mumble. Their improbable e-commerce engine that has both affiliate as properly as top class merchandise; our very IP and top class merchandise form of e-commerce.

How BuzzFeed will deal with two separate meals properties

Peretti: Tasty is a certainly pop label. It’s a mass scale-form of name. And First We Feast is a label more of emerging culture and issues which can be coming subsequent. I adore Tasty and First We Feast both, nevertheless as a particular person, I’d be certainly bummed out within the event that they’ve merged collectively and had their voices diluted. Tasty needs to pursue its route and the an identical with First We Feast.

How BuzzFeed’s Tasty can promote Advanced Networks’ hot sauce

Antoniello: We now salvage got this small line of hot sauces and hot honey [tied to Complex Networks’ show “Hot Ones”]. I’m dying to discover those merchandise within the arms of the skills at Tasty. Let’s promote some more product. Let’s carry out some recipes with our product and carry out some more money and supply more designate to the cease-particular person.

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