Jorge Masvidal: Chances are, Tyron Woodley’s going to knock Jake Paul the f*ck out

Jorge Masvidal has seen both Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul on the mats – the faded in a a lot more meaningful plan, nonetheless.

Primarily based on that, the “BMF” champ is picking Woodley no longer most efficient to beat Paul, but to give the YouTube well-known person grew to remodel pugilist an introduction to the violent endings he’s handed opponents cherish Ben Askren.

Masvidal also can delight in seen Paul hit mitts and create some gentle sparring as he ready for Askren, but the relationship with Woodley goes worthy deeper, with the faded UFC welterweight champion as soon as calling the American High Crew flagship gym dwelling alongside “Gamebred.”

Masvidal and Woodley haven’t simply worked out within the same room – they’ve in actuality worked out collectively.

“So it’s no longer to diss Jake, but you’ve been staring at MMA for a minute,” Masvidal mentioned on The MMA Hour. “Woodley can throw them palms. Ben Askren by no manner also can. So it’s such as you’ve got a man that can fight if it’s slinging fists. Woodley also can delight in made his money grappling, which he did. He used to be beautiful sufficient of an athlete, and he used to be beautiful sufficient of an athlete to possess his money alongside with his palms to knock folks the f*ck out.

“So I don’t mediate – I do know Jake’s by no manner been in there with a man cherish that, that’s explosive, is an very excellent athlete, and has a ton of expertise over him. So if Jake wins, f*cking wild, my hat’s off to him, I was putrid, I don’t know sh*t about struggling with. However, probability is, Woodley’s going to knock him the f*ck out.”

Masvidal mentioned he’s prepared to wager on that , and given odds in opposition to Woodley he called “f*cking loopy as f*ck…it manner I’m going to possess money.”

There’s a sizable distinction, Masvidal mentioned, between staring at a fighter in practising and in valid existence. Separate from their time collectively within the gym, he’s also watched Woodley’s embellished profession play out. And whereas he respects what Paul is doing and sees a gifted young athlete, he sees a gap between the opponents that will manifest on Aug. 29 after they meet in an eight-round boxing match.

“I’ve most efficient seen [Paul] from fights and the photos that he has on-line when he’s fought at 100 lumber,” Masvidal mentioned. “That being mentioned, I’ve also seen Woodley when he’s hitting pads, when he’s sparring at 100 and when he’s struggling with at 100, and after I create the math, Woodley wins. Woodley simply wins. As prolonged as he did his allotment, which is say, leading as a lot as the 2nd, used to be within the gym, doing his thing, he’s going to retract. He’s simply too worthy expertise and athleticism on that aspect.

“I mediate Jake’s an very excellent athlete, but Woodley’s a a quantity of receive of athlete, that next next level. Jake’s going to feel it within the fight. I don’t mediate he’s even ever sparred with somebody as athletic as Woodley that can shroud the gap that he can. If Woodley used to be to receive drained or afflict, he can clinch him, and there’s nothing Jake also can create. The referee will damage it up, but there goes four or 5 seconds. He’s going to receive manhandled within the clinch. I ogle Woodley.”

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