Kamala Harris Does not Appear to Imagine the Vaccine Works

Whenever you happen to weren’t in a coma final week, you’ll use that Joe Biden delivered an incoherent, divisive rant referring to the mandating of vaccines for workers of private agencies. After I did my write-up on that speech, lots caught out to me. But it was the repetition of the foundation that the vaccinated will have to unruffled be “rep” from the unvaccinated that truly struck me as being essentially the most nonsensical factor he stated.

Now, Kamala Harris is repeating the identical line.

By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our making an try out and covering, and conserving the vaccinated, we’re going to finish this pandemic. That’s precisely what we’re committed to doing.

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) September 12, 2021

Let’s sport this out thru the readily available facts we have.

Why would the vaccinated will have to unruffled be rep by inflicting any imposition on the unvaccinated? Placing aside your complete arguments about communal responsibility referring to conserving the unvaccinated who lack pure immunity, scientifically, how is a vaccinated particular person tormented by an unvaccinated particular person? If the vaccine works, and I’m assured that Harris now believes it does, then of us which will be vaccinated are rep by advantage of, and stick to me right here, being vaccinated.

I realize the response is going to be “however the unvaccinated spread COVID and that will perchance perchance lead to a leap forward case for the vaccinated.” So let’s focus on that as effectively.

To initiate, the probability of a vaccinated particular person even wanting to head to the effectively being center after being contaminated with the coronavirus is one in 160,000. That was a stat Biden himself repeated in his speech final week. Given that, the hazards are in actuality non-existent even if the vaccinated are round an unvaccinated one who gives them COVID. Nothing about those possibilities justifies to any extent additional or less segregation between the 2 groups.

But far extra importantly, the vaccinated can unruffled spread COVID. In actual fact, we’re seeing enormous spikes in nearly universally vaccinated countries esteem Israel factual now. Deaths are low for the reason that vaccine works to pause serious illness, but that’s beside the level on this discussion. The topic right here is “conserving” the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Yet, if each the unvaccinated and the vaccinated can spread the disease, something that’s clearly correct (per the CDC no less), then claims that the vaccinated will have to unruffled be rep from the unvaccinated attain no longer add up.

In transient, what Harris stated is mindless at all. The correct reason the vaccinated would want security from the unvaccinated is that if the vaccine doesn’t work to provide protection to against serious illness. Is that what Harris is announcing in her comment? It sure looks esteem that is the message, even if, she’s no longer meaning for it to be.

The identical fallacy was repeated on MSNBC again this morning.

NYT effectively being reporter @SherylNYT: “Getting vaccinated isn’t any longer a non-public different, it’s no longer. It’s something that we attain for the neighborhood … your private different ends the build my factual no longer to derive killed by an infectious disease begins.”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 13, 2021

Is this effectively being reporter vaccinated? I’d guess my life-savings she is. So does she ponder excellent the unvaccinated can present her COVID? Does she ponder the vaccine doesn’t offer protection to her from getting serious illness?

The incoherence of the narratives surrounding the vaccine is the topic right here. If the authorities would correct be correct and admit that 1) pure immunity exists and a pair of) the vaccine doesn’t pause the spread, then we could perchance no longer no longer up to have an correct discussion about when the vaccine is vitally fundamental. Any messaging technique that makes a speciality of what matters most is going to be far extra worthwhile than a dishonest, shotgun messaging technique.

As an different, Dr. Anthony Fauci pretends he doesn’t know what pure immunity is while Kamala Harris insinuates the vaccine doesn’t even work. It’s absolute insanity.

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