Kayla Harrison ‘now not immense pumped’ about Cindy Dandois matchup – however nothing to create with combating

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Kayla Harrison has an upcoming headlining location that she’s now not entirely extremely elated about. It’s in opposition to Cindy Dandois on June 25 at PFL 6, and the reigning ladies folks’s lightweight champion has device orderly about how she feels.

“Effectively, to be lawful, I became now not immense pumped about it,” Harrison told MMA Junkie. “Right here’s the one lady I didn’t decide on to battle – now not stylistically or the relaxation. I listened to an interview that she did the set, I don’t know, she has six kids, and her mom correct died of most cancers, and here’s her final hurrah. And I became bask in, ‘Damn, I in actuality don’t decide on to position the nail within the coffin.’”

In an interview with FanSided before her PFL 3 battle with Kaitlin Younger, Dandois became emotional when talking about recent happenings in her deepest lifestyles. Dandois, who indicated her PFL fights will signal the discontinuance of her career, expressed being grateful that her mother lived prolonged sufficient to search her give starting up to her sixth small one. No longer prolonged afterward, Dandois’ mother misplaced her battle with most cancers. After that, Dandois stated her grandmother also died, which hit her “bask in a hammer.”

Leaving her native Belgium to quarantine within the U.S. for two weeks before her battle, that became aggravating to create below these circumstances.

“It became laborious, however ought to you would bask in one thing in this lifestyles, to the depths, the deeper you fall … that you just can now not streak deeper anymore,” Dandois stated before PFL 3. “There’s most intriguing a technique up. And I thought to climb those stairs. I’ll create whatever I will to construct this final dart a success.”

Dandois (16-6) went on to lose a unanimous choice to Younger on Could per chance presumably also 6, and now she has to face Harrison – who clearly has sympathy for Dandois however won’t let her emotions accumulate within the plot in which.

“It is what it is,” Harrison stated. “I’m now not accountable of the matchups, I’m now not accountable of matchmaking, so it’s time to streak available within the market and create industrial.”

Harrison, the two-time Olympic judoka champion who remains undefeated in MMA at 9-0, made rapid work of Mariana Moraes at PFL 3. After a success by first-spherical TKO in correct 1: 23, Harrison became vocal that she wished to be paired with someone coming off of a clutch, however she obtained Dandois as an substitute.

As grand as she feels rotten about it, she’ll stated she’ll take care of things as indispensable.

“Obviously I did decide on to battle someone who became coming off of a clutch. I stated that,” Harrison stated. “And I didn’t decide on to battle her correct as a result of a couple of of the deepest stuff that I’ve discover about her. I positively own now not been getting any of the things I’ve asked for. I’m now not surprised.”

Harrison persisted, “She’s a recreation opponent. She’s a venerable. She has a in actuality lawful a success legend. I mediate that she’s also a judoka so of us are bask in, ‘Oh, she’s gonna pause your throws.’ Which I affirm lawful success. It’s correct one more battle, one more step on the path to my targets.”

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