Kristoffersson’s crew commits three cars for first electrical WRX season

Whereas the EKS JC squad won the World RX crew’s title in 2020, it used to be Swede Johan Kristoffersson who claimed his third drivers’ crown on his return to the sequence, with KMS working a works-constructed Volkswagen Polo Supercar.

Kristoffersson has since switched to racing for the EKS JC crew for 2021, the place he’s currently tough for the crown together alongside with his father Tommy as his spotter, nonetheless for 2022 KMS will return to the grid in its be pleased trusty.

The crew has executed success in circuit racing, rallying and rallycross, and has been fervent within the World RX since the sequence’ inception in 2014, either working below its be pleased banner or in supporting diverse groups.

KMS has a lengthy-standing relationship with the VAG neighborhood via the Swedish provider community, first and major with Audi and further now not too lengthy ago with Volkswagen, nonetheless it absolutely is yet to be confirmed which ticket of vehicle KMS will bolt next season.

And, while Tommy Kristoffersson, a aged European Rallycross and Swedish touring vehicle bolt winner will proceed to bolt the crew, the driver line-up is furthermore yet to be disclosed.

“We have already won one World Championship title with our be pleased crew final year, nonetheless to wrestle for the first-ever World Championship crown with electrical rallycross cars is the final explain and one which in fact conjures up us – it used to be simply a possibility that used to be some distance too factual to turn down,” said Kristoffersson Snr.

“We have a amount of history in rallycross – right here is what we abolish absolute most realistic – and we had diverse alternate choices on hand to us for 2022, nonetheless I used to be now not attracted to starting one thing if we also can now not abolish it properly. Thankfully, be pleased us, our new investors in fact secure within the manner ahead for electrical rallycross and are ready to embody this exciting commerce.”

Kristoffersson Motorsport electric car

Kristoffersson Motorsport electrical vehicle

Photo by: Kristoffersson Motorsport

Final week World Rallycross bosses announced that 14 orders had been placed for the Kreisel-developed twin-motor, four-wheel-power electrical equipment that shall be adopted by RX1e machines at World RX’s high stage next year. 

“We have huge religion within the promoter and secure these cars have wonderful pattern likely and must always build spectacular entertainment – they will be extraordinarily instant,” said Kristoffersson. “I’m solely happy that we are going to build a product that will procedure followers elevate their eyebrows and tumble their jaws. Now, our focal point switches to discovering a manufacturer we are capable of compete with and the trusty drivers to abolish the job…”

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