Kyle Shanahan explains 49ers’ decision to alternate up to No. 3 to favor Trey Lance

The San Francisco 49ers paid a hefty label to leap from No. 12 general to No. 3 to snag Trey Lance in the foremost round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Niners undoubtedly positioned their future in Lance’s fingers, sending three first-round picks to Miami for the finest to dangle the dynamic, dual-threat quarterback. San Francisco doesn’t possess a vital-round favor till 2024 and is additionally out a third-rounder in 2022.

Some viewed the price GM John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan paid as a curve-breaking quantity. Shanahan, on the opposite hand, suggested The Rich Eisen Direct on Monday that he believes if the Niners hadn’t leapt up the board when they did early in the system, someone would possess, and the associated payment may perchance maybe were even elevated.

“I in actuality judge that if we wouldn’t possess, someone else became once going to at final, and that label is finest going to head up,” Shanahan mentioned, by the spend of NBC Sports Bay House. “That became once a decision that we all needed to attain. Me, John, Jed (York), and when we did we never in actuality looked lend a hand, and what changed became once I judge the feeling of while you stir thru that stuff.”

The Niners bought aggressive sooner than in the waste landing on Lance as their future signal-caller. Shanahan noted Monday that the club looked into several alternate suggestions, including doubtlessly including a oldschool to upgrade the placement and in the waste switch on from Jimmy Garoppolo.

“To undoubtedly feel the capacity that I did, in particular about [Alabama QB Mac Jones] and then about Trey and the place we were at and what befell with (Matthew Stafford) and (Deshaun Watson) we knew early that ‘Hey, we must always be aggressive so as that we derive one,’ and ‘Where became once that place?'” Shanahan mentioned. “We looked into all of the others. We looked into the fourth favor, we looked into the fifth favor, and the third one became once the actual particular person that had essentially the most chance to switch a month in advance.”

It is completely imaginable that yet one more crew that had fallen in adore with Lance may perchance possess paid a hefty label to derive to No. 3 general in line in the lend a hand of the Jags, who were primed to favor Trevor Lawrence, and the Jets, who zeroed in on Zach Wilson.

Rumors raged sooner than the draft that if the Niners had selected Jones at three, there may perchance maybe were a market for the Falcons at No. 4 to alternate their favor to a club taking a survey to snag Lance. Those rumors became to grime when San Francisco selected the talented NDSU product and at final paired Shanahan with a uber-talented dual-threat QB who can amplify his offense.

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