Le Batard: Take into fable the desperation of the battle game when it comes to UFC pay

Dan Le Batard has by no approach been skittish to handle what he perceives as injustice within the UFC. Even when he became with ESPN, the network who’s the broadcast partner of the UFC, Le Batard took UFC president Dana White to process for underpaying his opponents.

Le Batard just isn’t any longer with ESPN, nonetheless it undoubtedly appears as if he easy has his leer on the sport because he had some solutions on UFC Vegas 34 — particularly the aftermath of the Jared Cannonier vs. Kelvin Gastelum matchup.

“You leer one more UFC fighter after a battle ethical provided, when the microphone became in entrance of him, and he didn’t even issue it with bitterness, ‘I’m broke,’” Le Batard said, recalling Cannonier’s post-battle interview with UFC commentator Daniel Cormier.

Le Batard then identified that the UFC and ESPN maintain a deal worth $1.5 billion, nonetheless that “You maintain opponents in all places telling you — after they seize fights — on the tip of triumph, and it’s no longer with bitterness, to pursue this like I even maintain, I even must be broke and I even must withhold combating, I will’t take care of hundreds of time between fights because I’m broke. I even must withhold getting accessible, whether or no longer I’m ready or no longer in a effectively timed manner, maybe earlier than I’m ready, ethical because I’m broke.”

Le Batard went on to impart that he wants attention positioned on the indisputable fact that UFC athletes enact no longer salvage a excellent fragment of the earnings they generate for the promotion.

“As basketball and football maintain partnerships with their workers, that manufacture it that any injustices these avid gamers shall be suffering,” said Le Batard, “on the least they’re collectively bargaining to be partners with their employer, that permits them to fragment the money.”

For instance of how the UFC’s honest contractors — no longer workers — don’t fragment within the spoils of earnings just like the athletes in reasonably a pair of essential sports enact, Le Batard alluded to the deal. That “partnership” can pay the UFC a reported $175 million for branding on the battle kits. The UFC opponents enact no longer salvage a fraction of that earnings. In sports with collective bargaining that money may maybe maybe well well be spoil up at charges shut to 50-50.

“It will probably well easy problem you,” said Le Batard of the imbalance of UFC earnings fragment, “particularly ought to you commence up pondering the desperation that’s the soul and the undercurrent of the battle game.”

Le Batard then overtly questioned if the fans care about how poorly the opponents are paid, “so long as they salvage their pound of meat on every occasion UFC is exhibiting fights.”

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