‘Leftist Scum’ Memer Raised $400K for Deliberate Parenthood as a Special Tribute to Bustle Limbaugh

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh speaks before introducing President Donald Trump at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

When Tommy Marcus realized that Bustle Limbaugh had died, he grieved in primarily the most efficient formulation that felt upright: He donated $100 to Deliberate Parenthood in Limbaugh’s reminiscence, as a result of conservative radio host would have completely hated it.

Marcus posted a screenshot of his donation to his Instagram net page, Quentin Quarantino, the build he’d gathered extra than half a million followers via months of posting memes about pandemic existence and dunking on conservatives. At the last minute, Marcus made up our minds to turn the post into a fundraiser for Deliberate Parenthood. He hoped it may maybe maybe maybe well well also lift $10,000.

By Friday afternoon, the Quentin Quarantino Bustle Limbaugh Memorial Deliberate Parenthood Fundraiser had soundless extra than $400,000. 

“It used to be primarily an experiment, and the outcomes had been extraordinary,” Marcus said. Donations, he said, are averaging out at about $20 every.

“It’s primarily wintry to note that this form of polarizing figure and this form of bitter history of Bustle Limbaugh may maybe maybe well well also encourage this form of optimistic and crucial element.”

Marcus, who’s 25 and primarily based in Unique York Metropolis, works in social media pudgy-time. Before launching the fundraiser, he’d posted several memes that, if they didn’t outright celebrate Limbaugh’s demise, made it clear that Marcus used to be no longer sorry that the conservative icon used to be ineffective.

“Bustle Limbaugh has been any individual who’s spent a long time clogging the airwaves with sexist, homophobic, racist, eternally discriminatory propaganda,” said Marcus, who singled out Limbaugh’s tune whisper of mocking AIDS and folks that died from it as in particular offensive.

“He’s de facto, to me, the embodiment of Trump’s America, of hatred, of the division that we uncover about in our nation upright now.” 

Limbaugh beloved to seize particular diagram at feminists—or, as he known as them, “feminazis.”

“You already know discontinuance abortion?” he once remarked. “Require that all happen with a gun.”

Infamously in 2012, Limbaugh denounced Sandra Fluke, then a Georgetown College legislation pupil, after she testified in Congress in make stronger of smartly being insurance protection for start alter, by calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute.” 

“If we’re going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay so that you just can have sex, we desire one thing for it; we desire you to post the movies on-line so we can all glance,” said Limbaugh, who later apologized after a wrathful backlash. 

Marcus has additionally taken to posting almost definitely the most most allege messages he’s got from Deliberate Parenthood supporters. 

“They made me primarily feel much less by myself and by no technique judged,” one person wrote. “I at last felt heard and safe.”

One other wrote in to condemn South Carolina for passing, on Thursday, a legislation that would ban abortion after valid six weeks of pregnancy—sooner than many folks even know they’re pregnant. Deliberate Parenthood at once sued over the legislation. On Friday, the group secured a court docket notify that can take it from going into fabricate.

“All the map via a deadly illness that’s raging out of alter in our impart because of no one believes in science, this used to be the legislation they made up our minds to pursue,” the creator messaged Marcus, including, “As a survivor of sexual assault, waking up the previous few days to note your fundraiser for Deliberate Parenthood has literally made my week.”

Marcus had aged his net page to donate money to teams treasure Deliberate Parenthood and No Kid Hungry, as section of what he calls an effort to “troll for correct.” (His Instagram bio entails a description from a former follower: “You’re treasure if John Oliver made a meme net page. Leftist scum.”) Nonetheless this fundraiser is by a ways his most winning effort—and now he’s hoping it’ll hit $1 million.

“I’m in fact no longer going to discontinuance this unless it reaches $1 million, because of I in fact think at this point that it’s entirely skill,” he said. “I did no longer realize it used to be going to receive anyplace near the build it’s upright now.”

Paul Blest contributed reporting.

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