Lil Nas X Hilariously Responded To Folk Angry About His Devil Sneakers

All americans’s talking relating to the video, in which Lil Nas X literally pole dances in hell. Even his dad weighed in.

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And now there is hundreds chatter about Lil Nas X’s “Devil Sneakers” — particularly, a diminutive-edition pair of Nike Air Max 97s that maintain a tumble of staunch human blood (along with 60 CCs of crimson ink) within the soles.


Even though the sneakers — which possess been created by Lil Nas X and the corporate MSCHF — are Nikes, Nike themselves instructed Snopes that they’ve “nothing to build with the introduction or sale of” the Devil Sneakers.

The sneakers are a silly, artful gambit that, as usual, another folks are taking a minute too seriously — cherish Kristi Noem, the Governor of North Dakota…

Our kids are being told that this kind of product is, not only okay, it's

Our children are being instructed that this roughly product is, not finest okay, or not it is “outlandish.” But build you know what’s extra outlandish? Their God-given eternal soul.

We’re in a fight for the soul of our nation. We must fight not easy. And we want to fight neat. We’ve to comprehend. https://t.co/m1k1YWFpuo

@govkristinoem / Twitter / Via Twitter: @govkristinoem

So Lil Nas X posted an “apology” video on YouTube — besides, or not it is essentially merely photographs from the “MONTERO” video. Pretty silly.

Gape this video on YouTube

Lil Nas X / YouTube / Via youtube.com

He clapped support on the criticism on Twitter, too.

ur a whole governor and u on here tweeting about some damn shoes. do ur job! https://t.co/qaor6W0B9C

ur a total governor and u on here tweeting about some rattling sneakers. build ur job! https://t.co/qaor6W0B9C

@LilNasX / Twitter / Via Twitter: @LilNasX

Lil Nas X even had some true jokes of his possess relating to the Devil Sneakers.

@LilNasX / Twitter / Via Twitter: @LilNasX

As usual, Lil Nas X wins the rep — over again.

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