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Listeria detection prompts statewide grab of raw milk

Swan Bros. Dairy Inc. of Claremore, OK, has issued a statewide grab of raw milk after the Oklahoma Division of Agriculture, Food and Forestry learned Listeria in a pattern.

Somebody who has purchased or got raw milk products from Swan Bros. Dairy is strongly advised to dispose of any remaining product.

Recalled product:

  • The raw milk products were equipped in plastic half of-gallons, gallons and pints right a ways from the Swan Bros. Dairy in Claremore and consist of raw total milk, raw 2% milk, raw scurry milk and raw heavy cream equipped in pints.

There is be concerned some product must soundless soundless be in customers’ possession. Patrons must soundless now not drink or utilize any raw milk or raw milk products from Swan Bros. Dairy. These products must soundless be thrown away right away.

Somebody who has consumed any raw milk or raw milk products from Swan Bros. Dairy Inc., is prompt to dispose of the relaxation product and earn in contact with their scientific supplier if they journey any indicators of Listeria infection.

About Listeria infections

Food unpleasant with Listeria monocytogenes would possibly presumably also now not behold or odor negative but can soundless place off serious and ceaselessly existence-threatening infections. Somebody who has eaten any recalled products and developed indicators of Listeria infection must soundless behold scientific treatment and enlighten their doctors in regards to the that it’s possible you’ll be in a position to deem Listeria publicity.

Additionally, any individual who has eaten any of the recalled products must soundless video display themselves for indicators at some stage in the approaching weeks on sage of it’ll absorb to 70 days after publicity to Listeria for indicators of listeriosis to create.

Signs of Listeria infection can consist of vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, excessive headache, and neck stiffness. Particular laboratory exams are required to diagnose Listeria infections, which would possibly mimic change sicknesses.

Pregnant females, the aged, young children, and folks similar to most cancers patients who possess weakened immune methods are notably at possibility of worthy sicknesses, existence-threatening infections, and change issues. Despite the proven truth that infected pregnant females would possibly presumably also journey very best restful, flu-take care of indicators, their infections can lead to premature offer, infection of the newborn, or even stillbirth.

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