LOVE -travelling puzzler officially comes to Android gadgets

LOVE – A Puzzle Box Stuffed with Tales has been extraordinarily a success on PC, Switch, and iOS gadgets and has obtained slightly about a serious acclaim. It used to be even nominated for the Canadian Disguise Awards for the handiest video game. And now, Android customers can finally luxuriate in this masterpiece themselves, as LOVE – A Puzzle Box Stuffed with Tales is now readily available on the platform.


LOVE is solely a puzzler inspired by point and clicks adventures that carefully aspects time lunge. It’s a intellectual yarn that helps you experience the diorama of existence and targets to generate feelings of empathy and reflection in you. Pointless to claim, it’s light a puzzler, so LOVE will distress you and tickle your neurons. And all this, whereas travelling thru thoroughly different moments in time. 

Own you ever misplaced half of yourself within the past that you just would possibly perchance presumably perchance care for to get abet? Is there something that you just remorseful about? Every existence and everybody has a yarn that has its catch hardships, its catch regrets, and its catch considerations. You presumably can no longer have the option to change what took field to your past, but what within the event you would possibly perchance presumably perchance presumably change the past of others to make positive that they lunge on to reside the existence they need and deserve. LOVE lets in for exactly this.


Hop into LOVE’s neighborhood and interact with its residents. Discover their tales, catch out what went dreadful and catch out the true 2d that defines their unusual lives. After which, return to the past and change them. Interactions within the past and expose will change the lives of your neighbors for the elevated apt.

Embark on this existence-changing and time travelling adventure called LOVE, by downloading it on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for $9.99 USD.

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