Machine Gun Kelly Says He Wears Megan Fox’s ‘Blood Around My Neck’ on Valentine’s Day

Fox posted a tribute to her “surprisingly dazzling boy” as wisely, the usage of descriptions indulge in “magical and terrorized” and “ethereal and awful” and writing, “the skedaddle is always dangerous however there may be now now not any such thing as a shuttle narrate with out him.”

Her post featured a slideshow of non-public photos showing off their connection.

For some fans, MGK’s gesture brought to mind frail couple Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton’s alleged blood vial necklaces.

” those lockets you take that are clear and as well you set aside a image of your grannie in and place on it around your neck?” Thornton said in 2014, addressing the chatter years after their early 2000s relationship. “She offered two of those. We had been apart loads because she’s off making Tomb Raider and I’m making Monster’s Ball. She notion it will most likely be attention-grabbing and romantic if we took reasonably razorblade and sliced our fingers, smeared reasonably blood on these lockets and as well you set aside on it around your neck dazzling indulge in you set aside to your son or daughter’s little one hair in one. Similar thing. From that, we had been carrying quart jars of blood around our necks. And we had been vampires and we lived in a dungeon.”

While it be unclear whether Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox had been inspired by them, that you may admire the couple’s Valentine’s Day photos here and here.

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