Magnolia Takes North America On 3D Animation ‘Two By Two: Overboard’ In Deal With Germany’s World Screen

EXCLUSIVE: 3D Family animation Two By Two: Overboard (aka Ooops! The Adventure Continues) has bought to Momentum Pictures for the U.S. and Canada.

Toby Genkel directed the prequel to the box location of job success Ooops! Noah Is Long gone (aka All Creatures Immense And Small), which grossed $28M globally. The fresh movie has already been released within the UK, the assign it topped the box location of job chart in November 2020, Germany, the assign it used to be within the stop three closing year, and Norway, the assign it has been amount one for the closing three weeks.

Momentum struck the address Munich-based mostly mostly sales company World Screen. The latter has also struck fresh offers on the movie for Australia and Unique Zealand (Rialto), Italy (Eagle), Scandinavia (Selmer Media), Belgium/The Netherlands (Just4Kids), and Taiwan (Benchmark).

Two By Two: Overboard centers on the younger Nestrian Finny and his best mate Leah, a Grymp, who’re drifting on a raft after by chance falling off the ark and being swept out to sea. In a stride against time, tide and gruesome tremors, Finny should always rescue his mates, reunite with his family and establish a total colony from total destruction.

Pic is produced by Germany’s Ulysses Filmproduktion, Eire’s Moetion Movies and Luxembourg outfit Fabrique d’Pictures.

Outdated territories closed by World Screen encompass: UK (eOne), France (Paradis/Orange Studios), Spain (Flins y Piniculas), Portugal (Pris), Greece (Rosebud), Israel (Five Stars), Turkey (Filmarti), Russia (Voxell), the Baltic states (Garsu), Ukraine (UFD), Poland (Kino Swiat), ex-Yugoslavia (Blitz), Hungary (Vertigo), Bulgaria (Expert Movies), Latin America (Leda Movies), Korea (Firm L), Vietnam (Lightning McQueen), and Malaysia (Suraya).

Director Toby Genkel, producer Emely Christians of Ulysses Filmproduktion and World Screen are also teaming on The Improbable Maurice, per Terry Pratchett’s unique. The pic has Emilia Clarke and Hugh Laurie within the solid and may per chance presumably also honest restful be released within the UK by Sky Cinema in 2022, with first photography confirmed at Cannes Marche in July.

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