Making Quantum Pc systems a Industrial Reality

April 07, 2021

IonQ is the principle company utterly focused on quantum computing to transfer public, with its quantum computers accessible throughout the cloud at the recent time. The corporate’s co-founder/chief scientist Chris Monroe and president/CEO Peter Chapman be half of Azeem Azhar to hit upon how they become chopping-edge study into a scalable product. They also discuss the engineering challenges that dwell sooner than quantum systems no longer handiest surpass the fastest supercomputers, nevertheless also became extensively readily available.

As well, they deal with:

  • Why IonQ, unlike Google and IBM, have bet on the “trapped ion” technique to building quantum computers.
  • How predominant application innovation might per chance per chance presumably additionally transfer quantum computing forward.
  • Why quantum computers excel at optimization problems engaging extra variables than classical computers can accommodate.




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