Martin Štefanko takes the World eX title

The format of the first world championship for digital electric racing cars is lively: worship in a soccer world cup and in other sports actions, the final is decisive – and this is held on the longest and most advanced racetrack in the enviornment, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

The superior driver in the first season of the trendsetting esports racing sequence used to be clearly Lasse Sørensen. The Danish pro racer obtained three of the first 5 races of the first World eX season and notorious one other victory in the final round on the Nürburgring flee circuit.

Nonetheless with that, the likable Dane “finest” secured pole house for the all-decisive gigantic finale on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, for which all of the first season’s rush winners certified. Besides to Sørensen and Štefanko, the record of drivers integrated Risto Kappet (R8G Esports), Phillippe Denes (BS+COMPETITION), Bruno Senna (Williams Esports), as correctly as Luca Kita and Nicolas Hillebrand (both from Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS).

#7, Lasse Sørensen, TK9 E-SPEED (pro)

#7, Lasse Sørensen, TK9 E-SPEED (pro)

Portray by: VCO

In the muse, the complete lot went in step with opinion for Sørensen: from pole house, the Dane took the lead forward of Martin Štefanko, Risto Kappet and Luca Kita, who were lively a pair of fierce combat for third house. The shots of the 1,000-hp all-electric eX ZERO on the Nordschleife made the followers at dwelling capture their breath in entrance of their screens.

Sørensen used to be ready to increase his lead forward of Štefanko to over a 2d on the first lap. Nonetheless in the final sector forward of the Döttinger Höhe, the Williams Esports driver used to be ready to produce up ground on the leader and at final made his switch in the slipstream. Sørensen stayed within inserting distance of Štefanko on the 2d lap, however on the discontinue of the Döttinger Höhe he used to be too a ways in the back of to exercise the slipstream for a counterattack.

Martin Štefanko crossed the abolish line because the beaming winner. The unusual world champion used to be no longer the finest one to let his feelings bustle free with a loud bawl of victory. Štefanko’s mother, one ground below, used to be so chuffed about her son’s title safe that her bawl of jubilation might maybe maybe well even be heard on the livestream.

#7, Lasse Sørensen, TK9 E-SPEED (pro)

#7, Lasse Sørensen, TK9 E-SPEED (pro)

Portray by: VCO

“I’m delighted,” said the unusual world champion. “Customarily, I repeatedly doubt myself. Nonetheless as of late, I had a factual feeling and exchange self perception from the muse. The all-significant final used to be longer than the opposite races in World eX. That’s why I was ready to play to my strengths: low tire put on and factual energy administration – I couldn’t gift that in the shorter races of this sequence. My mountainous thanks goes to Williams Esports for making it that you might maybe maybe well maybe take into accout for me to change into a talented sim racer. Now we now accept as true with obtained our first world title. Amazing!”

Lasse Sørensen, the most winning driver of the twelve months with four wins, respectfully congratulated his rival on the title: “Martin used to be merely faster on the Nordschleife as of late. The format of World eX is lively. If reality be told, I ought to restful no longer be chuffed with it as of late, however it’s allotment of the game. It used to be exchange fun for me to be allotment of this valuable season and attempting one thing fully varied. I am going to ascertain with Tom (Kristensen) to notion if I could maybe maybe well additionally be back in 2022.”

Sørensen and Le Mans roar winner Tom Kristensen’s TK9 E-SPEED team secured the enviornment championship title in the teams’ classification, which used to be resolute by the sequence of wins and podium finishes. Sørensen took the title honest about single-handedly with his four wins this season. His two teammates, Lasse Bak and Andreas Jochimsen, completed 24th and 27th.

Third house in the drivers’ championship went to Risto Kappet from Romain Grosjean’s R8G Esports team, who also completed third on the Nordschleife after a fierce combat with Luca Kita from Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS.

Sooner than the big finale, Alen Terzic (BS+COMPETITION) and Martin Štefanko had carried out the podium in the back of Lasse Sørensen on the AvD eX Prix of Germany on the Nürburgring flee circuit. Terzic raced exhausting in opposition to the eventual world champion Martin Štefanko in Levels 3, 4 and 5, however did not beat Lasse Sørensen in the 1-lap Large Final and thus had to search the all-significant rush on the Nordschleife.

The RCCO World eX Championship is about bigger than factual Esports Racing. With each rush lap, the #RacingForTheClimate jackpot grew by 10 euros. In total, the contributors collected  12,875 euros and the enviornment champion decides on which climate conservation project will fetch the prize cash. Martin Štefanko and Williams Esports chose the Letcombe Brook Project, a chalk movement that runs from Letcombe Regis to East Hanney, working thru allotment of the Williams factory at Grove in Oxfordshire. There are finest 25 of these vogue of brooks in your complete world.

Congratulations to Martin (Štefanko), who drove a immense rush on the Nordschleife,” said World-eX Co-Founder Mike Rockenfeller. “The final used to be an absolute spotlight. Lasse Sørensen would even accept as true with deserved the title. The truth that Tom Kristensen has clinched a world championship title in his first season because the team major of an Esports team is immense. It’s been a inspiring first season of World eX and we’re already having a see forward to 2022. I hope that we are going to search out solid partners and that the first manufacturers can even rely on our platform. We’ve learned loads in the first season and can reach back even stronger for our 2d season. Many as a result of all individuals who made this valuable winning season that you might maybe maybe well maybe take into accout.”

Start atcion

Initiating atcion

Portray by: VCO

2021 RCCO World eX Championship – AvD #GermaneXPrix Outcomes           

1st       #7 Lasse Sørensen (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (pro)
2nd      #27 Alen Terzic (SLO) BS+COMPETITION (esports)
Third      #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports)
4th      #8 Gordon Mutch (GB) R8G Esports (pro)
Fifth      #29 Liam de Waal (NL) Patrick Long Esports (esports)
sixth      #32 Dries Vanthoor (B) Esports Personnel WRT (pro)
Seventh      #10 Risto Kappet (EST) R8G Esports (esports)
eighth      #33 Henry Drury (GB) Patrick Long Esports (pro)
ninth      #89 Beitske Visser (NL) BS+COMPETITION (pro)
10th    #9 Lasse Bak (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (esports)
11th     #20 Yifei Ye (CN) Absolute Racing (pro)
12th     #31 Emily Jones (NZ) Esports Personnel WRT (esports)
13th     #28 Thomas Schmid (CH) NIANCO esports (esports)
14th     #11 Luca Kita (D) Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS (esports)
15th     #62 Esteban Muth (B) Wild Card (esports)
16th     #16 Bruno Senna (BR) Williams Esports (pro)
17th     #99 Michi Hoyer (D) Absolute Racing (esports)
18th    #51 Mike Rockenfeller (D) NIANCO esports (pro)
19th     #61 Luca Munro (GB) Wild Card (esports)
20th    #71 Nicolas Hillebrand (D) Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS (pro)

Quickest Lap: #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports) 1m 12.724s

The Finale – Nordschleife
1st       #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports) 2 laps in 13m 38.935s
2nd     #7 Lasse Sørensen (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (pro) + 1.501s
Third      #10 Risto Kappet (EST) R8G Esports (esports) + 2.832s
4th      #11 Luca Kita (D) Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS (esports) + 2.931s
Fifth      #16 Bruno Senna (BR) Williams Esports (pro) + 17.427s
sixth      #89 Phillippe Denes (USA) BS+COMPETITION (pro) + 18.805s
Seventh      #71 Nicolas Hillebrand (D) Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS (pro) + 28.804s

Quickest Lap: #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports) 6m 49.112s

Final standings World eX drivers’ championship:
1st       #98 Martin Štefanko (CZ) Williams Esports (esports) 1 safe + P1 in finale
2nd     #7 Lasse Sørensen (DK) TK9 E-SPEED (pro) 4 wins         
Third      #10 Risto Kappet (EST) R8G Esports (esports) 1 safe
4th      #89 Philippe Denes (USA) BS+COMPETITION (pro) 1 safe
Fifth      #11 Luca Kita (D) Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS (esports) 1 safe
sixth      #16 Bruno Senna (BR) Williams Esports (pro) 1 safe
Final standings World eX teams’ championship:
1st       TK9 E-SPEED 4 wins 1 x P2 1 x P3
2nd     Williams Esports 2 wins 1 x P2 3 x P3
Third      Biela Racing Personnel EURONICS 2 wins 
4th      BS+COMPETITION 1 safe 2 x P2 1 x P3
Fifth      R8G Esports 1 safe 1 x P2 3 x P3
sixth      Absolute Racing 2 x P2 
Seventh      Esports Personnel WRT 1 x P2
eighth      NIANCO esports 1 x P2
ninth      Patrick Long Esports 1 x P3

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