Meat from mycelium: Fungi fueled startup Meati Foods raises $50m do Holy Grail of alt meat: complete cuts

The “greatly oversubscribed​” spherical – which additionally featured participation from Prelude Ventures, Congruent Ventures, and Tao Capital – will assist Boulder, CO-basically based Meati Foods​ amplify its crew and fabricate out its virtually-80,000sq ft ‘Metropolis Ranch’ production facility, that may well per chance perchance well private the capability to produce hundreds and hundreds of kilos of ‘meat’ by 2022.  

Unlike most gamers within the meat different space, who use extruded soy, peas, or wheat protein, Meati Foods​​ ​​is looking out out for to stand out in a category dominated by processed merchandise, equivalent to burgers and nuggets, by the use of a naturally going down stress of mycelia, the filamentous-love root constructions of mushrooms (even supposing the stress Meati is the use of doesn’t private a mushroom ‘cap’), said founder and CEO Dr Tyler Huggins.  

At scale, Meati’s rising course of can produce the meat equal of 4,500 cows each 24 hours, and requires not up to 1% of the water and land in contrast with ragged industrial meat production, in step with the firm.

‘We private a PDCAAS web of 1, which is corresponding to eggs and milk’​​

Inherently high in protein and fiber, the fungi may well per chance perchance be grown highly-efficiently in fermentation tanks fed with a carbon supply love sugar,​ said Huggins, who said fungi-basically based rooster breasts, steak and jerky are within the final be aware levels of pattern appropriate now, with pork tenderloin, deli meats and other merchandise to private a study.  

4.5 ounces of Meati steak provides 25g full protein, greater than one third of the on each day foundation fiber wants, and an array of valuable vitamins and minerals, Huggins outlined to FoodNavigator-USA in a recent interview: “[Meati] has bought no inherent flavor and it’s keen white with prolonged fibrous filaments that mimic muscle structure. It’s additionally in actuality high in protein. We’re at greater than 60% by weight protein and we private a PDCAAS web of 1, which is corresponding to eggs and milk; there are few single plant-basically based proteins love this.”​​

Relating to rising conditions, he said, “We’re a minute varied to Atlast​​ [which grows mycelium in trays via solid state fermentation to create white meaty slabs that can be cut and sliced] as we’re the use of a submerged fermentation course of, so we’re rising our mycelia in a course of corresponding to brewing beer in fermentation tanks, so the payment of boost is unbelievable, we’re talking a few 18-hour batch time.​​

“As we harvest it we can realign the fibers in varied orientations, making rooster breasts or beefsteak, which is more difficult if you’re the use of solid express draw. We harvest the use of a mechanical course of, and it’s a full food, so we’re not extracting proteins.”

“The lumber of growth at Meati, by manner of every product and industry pattern, has exceeded our expectations. We are going to not remember of any other product obtainable on the market that can match the nutrition, texture and worth versatility of Meati. Meati is making a brand new category of food​.”

Lucas Mann, co-founder and managing accomplice, Acre Enterprise Companions



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