Michael Dorn Teases Enormous title Dawdle Return, But Paramount Shoots Down Rumors

Worf actor Michael Dorn says that he’s being “summoned assist into circulate” on Twitter at the moment time, but Paramount has shot down the possibility of the loved character exhibiting on one amongst the somewhat a few Enormous title Dawdle shows at the 2d airing on Paramount+.”Unfortunately, I’m able to substantiate that this has nothing to succeed in with a Enormous title Dawdle Universe on Paramount+ long-established series,” a Paramount representative told IGN. Dorn kicked off hypothesis that he could perhaps presumably be becoming a member of Picard Season 2 when he tweeted “Starfleet calls” earlier at the moment time.

Real purchased the news, being summoned assist into circulate. Starfleet calls. #ad

— Michael Dorn (@akaWorf) April 19, 2021

Dorn closing looked in 2002’s Enormous title Dawdle Nemesis, but he has been connected to several Enormous title Dawdle-linked projects over time, including Enormous title Dawdle On-line and the fan-made net series Enormous title Dawdle Continues, the save he had a cameo as the converse of a pc. Dorn has also pitched the root of a label that comprises “Captain Worf” on and off over time.

Possess you ever watched Enormous title Dawdle: Picard?

Worf purchased a mention in Picard Season 1, but as recently as January 2021, Dorn said he had no longer been contacted a few doable appearance in the label. As for whether or no longer he could perhaps presumably be interested, Dorn rattled off a listing of contingencies. “It surely is determined by somewhat a few things. It is miles determined by the feature.

It is miles determined by how they want to label it. The one shriek you have to always realize is that I in fact must bring together into make-up. You’re talking about three hours. For me to succeed in that, it surely has to be roughly worth it, you respect what I mean? I make no longer desire to bring together in make-up and appropriate stand around and scowl at other folks.”Worf is a loved character in the Enormous title Dawdle mythos, having fun with a extensive feature in both Enormous title Dawdle: The Next Skills and Enormous title Dawdle Deep Set up Nine. If he had been to return to Enormous title Dawdle, he would luxuriate in a huge amount of alternatives. Paramount+ is at the 2d producing several Enormous title Dawdle projects, including Enormous title Dawdle Discovery, a Piece 31 spinoff, and the keen series Enormous title Dawdle Lower Decks.

About a of the prospects encompass the keen Enormous title Dawdle: Lower Decks, which is situation after Enormous title Dawdle Nemesis in the TNG era; Enormous title Dawdle: Prodigy, a label geared in direction of youngsters that comprises Captain Janeway as a hologram; Enormous title Dawdle Discovery, the save he could perhaps also hypothetically reprise the feature of Colonel Worf. A movie could perhaps also be in the works, to be launched in 2023.

One manner or but another, we’ll know rapidly enough when this can over but again be a correct day to die. Within the length in-between, filming has begun on the 2d season of Enormous title Dawdle: Picard, with the free up on Paramount+, situation for some time in 2022.

Kat Bailey is Senior Data Editor at IGN.

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