Microsoft Floor Pro 7+ overview: A giant soar in graphics efficiency

Or not it is largely the most potent upgrade Microsoft’s Floor Pro line has equipped in years.

Microsoft surface pro 7+ primary

Designate Hachman / IDG

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By naming this Dwelling windows tablet the Floor Pro 7+, Microsoft mistakenly implies that it’s some variety of teen upgrade from the Floor Pro 7. Nothing shall be extra from the real fact: We not frequently ever take a look at such massive upgrades in CPU and GPU horsepower, as nicely as battery lifestyles. It additionally offers an LTE option and an entirely ineffective-quiet, fanless chassis.

Clear, a few choices made us scratch our heads. Why attain now we must always hang between an constructed-in microSD slot or the LTE option? Thunderbolt unruffled isn’t right here, both. Nevertheless even these flaws in any case can’t mar an exhilarating soar in efficiency. Right here is the best Floor Pro of several generations, and for the moment the best Dwelling windows tablet on the market, too.

This overview is portion of our ongoing roundup of the best laptops. Sprint there for data on competing products and the absolute best method we tested them.

Floor Pro 7+ specs and ingredients

As we take a look at on the Floor Pro 7+ specs, uncover that at press time, the best retail provide we would safe used to be Microsoft’s own online store. Incidentally, spelling the establish as both “Floor Pro 7+” or “Floor Pro 7 Plus” works, nonetheless the paunchy establish is Floor Pro 7+ for Industry. It ships with Dwelling windows 10 Pro, which offers extra management and safety ingredients than the Dwelling version. 

Not like with previous Floor Pro devices, the set the corrupt model used to be most frequently inadequate, every Floor Pro 7+ configuration accessible is safe. Whereas the $900 Core i3/8GB/128GB version is moderately tight on storage situation, as a minimum it doesn’t skimp on RAM.  

Microsoft surface pro 7+ alt primary full sun Designate Hachman / IDG

Microsoft’s Floor Pro 7+ offers a intellectual ample screen to work outside on a sunny day, though color is most smartly-liked.

  • Sigh:  12.3-poke multitouch PixelSense impress (2736×1824)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-1115G4 / Core i5-1135G7 (as tested) / Core I7-1165G7
  • Graphics:  UHD (Core i3), Iris Xe (Core i5/i7, as tested)
  • Memory:  8GB, 16GB LPDDR4x (Wi-Fi, LTE, as tested); 32GB LPDDR4x (Wi-Fi)
  • Storage:  128GB/256GB (Wi-Fi, LTE); 512GB/1TB (Wi-Fi)
  • Ports:  1 USB-C, 1 USB-A, 1 Floor Connector, 1 Form Cover, microSDXC (Wi-Fi) or 1 nanoSIM (LTE), 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Safety: Camera (Dwelling windows Hello)
  • Camera: 5MP/1080p (user-facing), 8MP (rear-facing)
  • Battery:  50.4Wh (claimed), 48.9Wh staunch
  • Wi-fi:  WiFi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.0; Qualcomm X20 modem (LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 38, 39, 40, 41, 66)
  • Working system:  Dwelling windows 10 Pro
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches
  • Weight:  1.7 pounds (Core i3/i5 w/ Wi-Fi) to 1.73 pounds (Core i5, LTE)
  • Coloration:  Platinum, Matte Shadowy
  • Model:   From $900 at Microsoft $1,650 as tested
  • Not predominant accessories:  Floor Pro Signature Form Cover ($160 on Amazon) Floor Pen ($64 on

Floor Pro 7+ Find

Microsoft’s Floor Pro lineup of Dwelling windows tablets has remained largely unchanged since the Floor Pro 3. It’s a 12-poke Dwelling windows tablet with a sturdy kickstand that reclines virtually flat. Microsoft has consistently taken pleasure within the make of the Floor Pro’s hinge, and it’s justified—it permits triple-accountability as a tablet, drawing pad, and one thing end to a gentle clamshell computer.

Microsoft surface pro 7+ left side profile reclined Designate Hachman / IDG

Clamshell tablets in overall recline to about 45 degrees. The Floor Pro 7+ can recline virtually flat, unruffled sturdily supported by its kickstand. 

Microsoft manufactured the Floor Pro 7+ out of what it calls a “unibody magnesium make with hidden perimeter venting.” The unibody construction offers the tablet structural strength, while the magnesium serves as a passive warmth pipe to the outside world, bolstered by the minute vents minimize into the periphery of the chassis. Each the Core i3 and Core i5 devices are entirely fanless designs, which entirely depend on these passive warmth distribution methods. As our efficiency tests uncover, such perfect enhancements without the distraction of a fan are in any case price applauding.

The Floor Pro 7+ impress is as intellectual and beautiful as ever, offering each and every “Enhanced” and sRGB color modes. Microsoft continues the Floor tradition of carving out quite substantial bezels around the impress—about 1.5 centimeters to the perimeters in panorama mode, and about 1.2 cm at top and backside. Aesthetically, they grow uglier every year as computer impress bezels continue to shrink. Nevertheless they’re unruffled at hand when the Floor Pro 7+ is in any case gentle as a tablet, so you per chance can steal it without accidentally triggering one thing.  

Each time I take a look at a Floor tablet I trace all over as soon as more true how helpful it may per chance well even be to tote a tablet, clicking out the kickstand to witness a video on a bedspread, lap, or aspect table. If I weren’t so anxious about gunking up the impress, I could per chance per chance want even introduced it into the kitchen.

Microsoft surface pro 7+ right side profile Designate Hachman / IDG

Microsoft’s Floor Pro 7+ in a extra gentle recline, the set the slender kickstand is considered. Sigh how the Form Cover’s hinge folds the set it meets the keyboard. Viewed are the Floor Connector slot, plus the USB Form A and Form C port.

Microsoft representatives suggested me the impress used to be made thinner to accommodate a increased, 50.4-Watt-hour battery. (Dwelling windows reported that the battery used to be considerably smaller than Microsoft’s claims, at 48.9Wh.) Microsoft didn’t provide us with a rated impress brightness, nonetheless we measured it at about 500 lumens.

Sadly, Microsoft has stuck like a flash to its all at as soon as increasing outdated port alternatives. The constructed-in USB-A may per chance well even be gentle with a keyboard or wired mouse. Microsoft unruffled makes employ of the legacy Floor Connector as both a charging port or as a connection to the Floor Dock 2.  

Microsoft surface pro 7+ rear and kickstand Designate Hachman / IDG

The Floor Connector used to be as soon as some distance earlier than its time, nonetheless it now lags considerably on the abet of. The USB-C port incorporates the giant ecosystem of USB-C hubs, nonetheless it isn’t Thunderbolt-succesful, as extra laptops include on the present time. Any discover output need to route via the Floor Connector to the Floor Dock 2—which, adore a Thunderbolt 3 dock, drives two 4K shows at 60Hz apiece. Silent, it’s a proprietary solution that locks you into the Floor ecosystem.

Microsoft surface pro 7+ ssd compartment and sim tray Designate Hachman / IDG

Earlier LTE devices of Microsoft’s Floor devices would ship with each and every an LTE SIM cubby as nicely as a microSD slot. No longer. Right here, you per chance can take a look at the nanoSIM cubby below the kickstand to the left, as nicely because the removeable SSD compartment on the true.

In the abet of the kickstand, there are two adjustments. The LTE alternatives ship with a minute cubby to insert a nanoSIM, and that appears to be on the exclusion of the microSDXC slot, which is reserved for Wi-Fi-greatest devices. (That you can eject the nanoSIM cubby the usage of a SIM ejector tool, though it is predominant to insert it deeper than you per chance can depend on sooner than it unlatches.) That’s a alternate from previous Floor Pro tablets. In the Floor Pro (2017), Microsoft positioned the LTE microSIM slot alongside the microSDXC slot, allowing you to agree with each and every. 

On the brighter aspect, the Floor Pro 7+ ships with a removable SSD, a first for the Floor Pro series. Whereas Microsoft intends this feature as a comfort for enterprise IT management, the firm does provide overall pointers and machine-tell instructions for removing the SSD. Esteem the nanoSIM cubby, you per chance can salvage true of entry to the SSD compartment with a SIM ejector tool, which is in part affixed by a safe magnet. The SSD seems to be adore it may per chance well even be unscrewed with a appropriately-sized Torx screwdriver. We may per chance per chance agree with most smartly-liked the hybrid SIM/SSD cubby found at some level of the Floor Pro X, itself lots of Batman Beyond vision of the Floor Pro series. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ ssd compartment edited Designate Hachman / IDG

That you can pop off the tip to the SSD compartment with true a SIM tool. It’s additionally held magnetically.

Sadly, the Floor Pro 7+ isn’t a 5G-succesful machine, nonetheless you attain salvage the option of the usage of the machine’s embedded eSIM, or inserting a physical SIM into the tray. We gentle the latter capability to take a look at the LTE around town, performing a skedaddle take a look at and streaming a 4K video from YouTube at selected areas. The wi-fi efficiency used to be ample—true above 20Mbps downstream unless I used to be in question of the tower, when efficiency soared to 158Mbps. Video streamed with out a hitch.

microsoft surface pro 7 plus setup screen Designate Hachman / IDG

The Floor Pro 7+ ingredients the serene Out of the Box Experience (OOBE) which guarantees to tweak ingredients of your desktop for tell makes employ of—adding the Xbox Sport Bar to your taskbar, as an illustration. We checked all of the containers…nonetheless didn’t perceive any adjustments.

Floor Pro 7+ keyboard and touchpad

Microsoft’s Floor Pro tablets consistently ship with a hidden price: the Floor Pro Form Cover. Even though you per chance can employ Dwelling windows’ constructed-in, on-screen keyboard, a correct hardware keyboard is a nearly-nonetheless-not-absolute requirement for the Floor Pro for maximum productivity.

Microsoft offers two: the Floor Pro Form Cover ($130) as nicely because the Floor Pro Signature Form Cover ($160), which magnetically connect with the tablets and provide protection to the screen when not in employ. (You’re free to make employ of your individual USB or Bluetooth keyboard, too.)  They’re otherwise same, set for the real fact that the Signature Form quilt comprises Alcantara cloth and a vary of colours—for the time being Platinum, Ice Blue and Poppy Red. Microsoft’s vanilla Form Cover ships in a neutral sad.

Microsoft surface pro 7+ type cover keyboard Designate Hachman / IDG

Microsoft shipped our Floor Pro 7+ with this Floor Pro Form Cover, which offers a chuffed typing experience nonetheless a considerably diminutive touchpad. 

Whereas typing on a Form Cover doesn’t provide the same comfort or balance as a computer’s keyboard, they come surprisingly end. Microsoft’s Floor Pro hinge angles the keyboard moderately of, connected via a 2d Floor Connector that powers the keyboard’s backlight and offers a wired I/O connection. (There are three backlighting levels with a miniscule amount of sunshine bleed.) Microsoft’s Floor E book series offers essentially the most keyboard perambulate back and forth, now at 1.55mm; nonetheless the marginally extra flattish Form Cover’s gargantuan keys unruffled characteristic nicely for lengthy-term work. The trackpad on all alternatives is minute, nonetheless functional.

Not one of many Floor Pro tablets, then as soon as more, agree with moderately solved the “lap-ability” arena of typing on your lap. The double hinge connecting the keyboard to the Floor Pro 7+ tablet unruffled can’t moderately consistently shield the tablet if it flips forward over your knees. The thin, metallic kickstand unruffled digs into your thighs. For the reason that tablet is designed to recline, it merely can’t work as nicely on a airplane tray table as a within the same method-sized clamshell, or a smaller tablet adore the Floor Sprint 2.

Floor Pro tablets provide a artistic outlet with their pen compatibility. For that, you’ll want one of Microsoft’s $100 Floor Pens as nicely because the virtually-forgotten Floor Dial. Using a Floor Pen and other styluses in rental, we skilled consistent responsiveness compared to other, most modern Floor tablets. 

Care for discovering out to learn about the nifty 1080p webcam and naturally, efficiency.

  • With the Microsoft’s Floor Pro 7+, the best Dwelling windows tablet true bought principal, critically better, thanks to its highly effective CPU and graphics upgrades. It additionally offers an LTE option, better battery lifestyles and extra.


    • Huge upgrade in GPU energy
    • Fanless (for our overview unit)
    • Battery lifestyles will enhance from prior generations
    • LTE alternatives at as soon as accessible


    • Form Cover keyboard sold individually
    • No Thunderbolt port
    • Different between LTE or microSD, not each and every
    • No 5G option

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