Mod Designed To Develop Skyrim Unplayable Banned For Same Reason

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a in vogue game that millions of parents are soundless taking part in a decade after it became as soon as first launched. And due to mods and user-created inform material, some beget dedicated years of their lives to taking part in this game. Bethesda’s insistence on re-releasing the long-lasting RPG possible isn’t helping any individual get away Skyrim’s vice grip, either. So one modder created a approach out for those unable to cease taking part in. The mod, NoSkyrim, makes the Bethesda RPG unplayable as soon as installed.

Made by ThatLittleCommie, that’s literally the entire admittedly silly mod does. It doesn’t add extra characters, recent weapons, or copyright infringing inform material beget lightsabers or Thomas the Tank Engine. You install it and after that, you can even no longer play Skyrim. It correct crashes in its put. Here’s how the mod’s creator describes the mod.

“Did you ever feel beget the sport which you spent your laborious-earned money on, must soundless be eradicated and be unplayable, properly so did I. Now with NoSkyrim, in desire to being able to originate a brand recent game beget most Skyrim avid gamers, you correct can’t.”

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The mod became as soon as first and indispensable uploaded to in vogue modding blueprint Nexus Mods. However it has since been eradicated for unclear — nevertheless doubtlessly easy to guess — causes. I’d wager a mod that simply breaks Skyrim and makes it no longer possible to play isn’t one thing the of us working the blueprint desire on their mod depository. Kotaku has reached out to Nexus Mods regarding the elimination and if NoSkyrim will ever return.

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At this time, within the occasion you beget to must catch this silly mod you can even get it over at LoversLab.com, which is a uh… extra adult modding blueprint. It appears to be just like the of us at LoversLab don’t care if a Skyrim mod breaks the sport and renders it unplayable.

As seen by PCGamer, the mod at the moment has a Replace.org petition that of us can trace to enhance it being readded to Nexus Mods. As of this writing, it has nearly 350 signatures. Meanwhile, a subreddit dedicated to the mod and its return to the Nexus blueprint has additionally popped up. It has correct over 260 participants. The tip post is a smiling image of Todd Howard, Bethesda’s director, and government producer. Other posts encompass folks lamenting the mod’s elimination because it became as soon as the appropriate narrate preserving them from taking part within the decade-outdated start-world RPG. (These posts are jokes, within the occasion you hadn’t figured it out yet.)

For now, it appears to be like NoSkyrim is no longer going to return to Nexus Mods. It’s a tragic day for folks unable to uninstall a on-line game or who beget no self-regulate. Meanwhile, Bethesda is soundless announcing ports of Skyrim in 2021. I marvel if the most modern port will work (or cease to work) with the NoSkyrim mod?

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