Montenegrins advise inauguration of most up-to-date Serbian church head

CETINJE, Montenegro (AP) — Loads of thousand other folks demonstrated Sunday in Montenegro over the deliberate inauguration of the new head of the Serbian Orthodox Church within the runt Balkan impart.

Ethic tensions bear soared over the scheduled ceremony for Metropolitan Bishop Joanikije II. The protesters in Montenegro’s dilapidated capital, Cetinje, the place the Sept. 5 inauguration is to happen, waved Montenegrin flags and chanted slogans in opposition to the nation’s authorities, accusing it of being expert-Serb.

Hundreds of police officers were deployed within town and the U.S. Embassy warned People to steer clear of the advise.

Despite calls to respect COVID-19 well being measures, most protesters did no longer wear masks whereas chanting “Treason!” and accusing the authorities of surroundings the stage for the “occupation” of Montenegro by Serbia.

Montenegro declared independence from the much increased Serbia in 2006. The nation is deeply break up between residents who judge themselves Montenegrins and folks that say the existence of the Montenegrin nation. About 30% of the nation’s population of 600,000 identifies as Serb.

Joanikije II is to be triumphant the Serbian church’s old most senior cleric in Montenegro, Metropolian Bishop Amfilohije, who died in October after contracting coronavirus. The inauguration ceremony is decided for the Cetinje Monastery, which is believed to be the historical cradle of Montenegrin statehood.

Recount leaders acknowledged they map no longer oppose the naming of a brand new church chief nonetheless are in opposition to his enthronement in a shrine that symbolizes Montenegro’s centuries-damaged-down battle for sovereignty and independence.

“We is no longer going to allow further desecration of Montenegrin shrines by of us that don’t acknowledge Montenegro as a impart and Montenegrins as a nation,” Predrag Vusurovic, a advise organizer, suggested the crew.

Joanikije acknowledged in an announcement that it’s “a shame” that his inauguration is being challenged.

“I’m no longer being sent by the church in Serbia, nor by its impart,” he acknowledged. “I’m no longer a foreigner. I became born in Montenegro, I’m a citizen of this nation.”

The Serbian Orthodox Church, a truly great spiritual establishment in Montenegro, played a key role in a scoot that helped defeat a protracted-ruling expert-Western authorities remaining 365 days. The church led months of protests in opposition to alleged plans by that authorities to take away its property, which Montenegrin officials denied.

The dilapidated authorities had suggested Montenegro far off from Serbian besides Russian have an effect on. The Adriatic nation joined NATO in 2017 and is searching for European Union membership.


Dusan Stojanovic contributed from Belgrade, Serbia.

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