Most efficient weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: definitive gun tier list

Fortnite Season 7 has a huge loot pool allowing avid gamers to obtain the weapons that easiest match their play vogue. This definitive tier list reveals what the finest weapons in Fortnite in actuality are.

Adore loads of the seasons in Chapter 2, Season 7 has launched its get dangle of uncommon weapons. Season 6 had primal weaponry. Season 4 featured Shock-themed weapons. Now, Season 7 has a combine of alien and IO tech weapons that shake up the gameplay.

Now not completely are these weapons original versions of preexisting classes, but they also admire uncommon functionalities that avid gamers haven’t considered earlier than. The ray gun shoots a continuous beam and by no methodology runs out of ammo. The Rail Gun shoots thru walls, but has to price up earlier than shooting. Season 7 has launched one of the major finest weapons in Fortnite.

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Most efficient weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Our manner to ranking the weapons in Fortnite Season 7 is a venerable tier list with S tier being the highest ranking, and D tier being the lowest. These rankings are fashioned the insist of every weapon’s stats, crew opinions, and private in-game ride.

As original weapons are added, and statistics are modified, this tier list will fluctuate. We are already responsive to just a few weapons that shall be added to Season 7 but received’t be positioned on the list till they’re launched. With that being mentioned, here is the definitive Fortnite Season 7 weapon tier list.

S Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Rail Gun 94 2.7 seconds 1 fortnite rail gun
SCAR (Legendary AR) 198 2.1 seconds 30
Rocket Launcher 97.5 2.5 seconds 1
Recon Scanner 15 15 second recharge 2
UFO Cannon 30 0 seconds

S Tier weapons are undeniably the finest weapons in Fortnite. The original Rail Gun has speedily change valid into a fan popular because of the its lethal accuracy, ability to shoot thru walls, and countering capabilities to UFOs. When paired with one more S Tier weapon, the Recon Scanner, deciding on off enemies is simpler than ever.

The Recon Scanner is in S Tier, now no longer because of the its raw wretchedness output, but because of the its utility. If lustrous where your enemy is located is half of the war, the Recon Scanner has that half covered. The SCAR and Rocket Launcher were faithful S Tier weapons for the reason that origin of Fortnite, and the UFO is a devastating addition to the game. In a identical avenue to the B.R.U.T.E. of Season X, the UFO has earned the title of OP.

A Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Assault Rifle 181.5 2.3 seconds 30
Tactical Shotgun 132 5.1 seconds 8
Pump Shotgun 81.2 3.7 seconds 5
Crawl-Action Sniper Rifle 38.28 2.5 seconds 1
Submachine Gun 220 1.9 seconds 35
Burst Assault Rifle 146 2.3 seconds 20

A Tier is stuffed with traditional weapons that were faithful to avid gamers for the reason that origin of Fortnite. The Assault Rifle, Tac/Pump Shotgun, and Crawl-Action Sniper were the weapons of decision for a entire lot of seasons.

Reasonably loads of candidates made it into the A tier equivalent to the Submachine Gun and Burst Assault Rifle. SMGs, especially when in their Legend or Legendary rarities, can shred thru builds and melt opponents’ properly being and protect. Burst Assault Rifles are correct as helpful as Assault Rifles, and it in actuality boils all the map in which down to the player’s desire.

B Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Heavy Assault Rifle 174.25 2.5 seconds 25
Rapidly Fire SMG 255 1.3 seconds 26
Pulse Rifle 151.2 2.85 16
Hand Cannon 62.4 15 seconds 7

B Tier is inadvertently reserved for worse variants of excessive-tier weapons. The Heavy AR shoots noteworthy slower than the AR and has unpleasant bloom at lower rarities. The Rapidly Fire SMG is a powerhouse for avid gamers with distinctive just, but its minute magazine forces avid gamers to get dangle of every bullet count.

The Pulse Rifle is a original weapon, however it’s equal to the Blaster Rifle. It has a 16 bullet magazine and doesn’t deal map more wretchedness than the Assault Rifle. Now not to mention, it fires slower when ADS than from the hip making it a unfortunate man’s AR. The Hand Cannon is a stress-free weapon to make insist of that also presents an impressive blow every shot. Alternatively, its minute magazine, slack price of fire, and wish for accuracy get dangle of it refined to make insist of.

C Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Lever Action Shotgun 108.5 5.4 seconds 6

C Tier is the last tier of viable weapons earlier than the worst of the gun. The Lever Action Shotgun isn’t a unpleasant gun, however it’s nobody’s first decision. The Tactical and Pump shotguns both deal more wretchedness and sooner reload times. But what makes the Lever Action the worst of the shotguns is that avid gamers have to make insist of nuts and bolts to craft one.

D Tier Weapons

Weapon DPS Reload Time Mag Size Icon
Pistol 195.7 1.3 seconds 16
Kymera Ray Gun 165 2 seconds

The Pistol is one weapon that has been around for the reason that dawn of Fortnite, however it hasn’t evolved over time. It’s minute magazine and restricted wretchedness mitigation makes it viable early game, but its utility falls off after the first short time of a match.

The Ray Gun is a original weapon that shoots a continuous beam and presents wretchedness equal to the SMG. Alternatively, the demise ray does minute wretchedness to builds and avid gamers. It might most likely deal wretchedness at a colossal differ but isn’t a weapon many avid gamers protect. A player shall be deciding on up a pistol to defend themselves.

Right here is our definitive tier list of the finest weapons in Fortnite. Don’t have confidence us? Allow us to clutch what you imagine the finest (or worst) weapons in Fortnite are within the comments beneath! Or place us in a tweet @FortniteINTEL.

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