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NASA to illustrate contemporary Jupiter environment discovery Thursday. watch stay.

Juno spacecraft over Jupiter's great red spot. Jupiter is a gas giant, but could a spacecraft pass through a gas planet?

Juno spacecraft over Jupiter’s colossal crimson set apart of living. Jupiter is a gas wide, nonetheless may well well possibly possibly a spacecraft skedaddle by a gas planet?
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NASA will retain a briefing Thursday (Oct. 28) with recent data about how the environment of Jupiter works under the colossal planet’s colourful clouds.

You could possibly watch the match stay at 3 p.m. EDT (1900 GMT) on this web page, courtesy of NASA Television, to boot to on NASA TV, the NASA app, the NASA web page and the company’s social media channels. You could possibly seek heavy participation from of us inquisitive about the Juno mission, which is investigating Jovian climate processes from up shut.

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“The science group will demonstrate contemporary findings that offer the principle 3D take a look at at how the planet’s roiling environment operates under the waste layers of clouds, and the plot these revelations offer insight into the atmospheres of wide planets in assorted locations within the universe,” NASA acknowledged in a transient statement announcing the briefing.

Participants embody:

  • Lucas Paganini, Juno program scientist, NASA Headquarters, Washington
  • Scott Bolton, Juno main investigator, Southwest Be taught Institute, San Antonio
  • Marzia Parisi, Juno scientist, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Keren Duer, Juno scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
  • Leigh Fletcher, Juno taking section scientist, University of Leicester, England
  • Alessandro Mura, Juno co-investigator, Institute for House Astrophysics and Planetology, Rome

Juno arrived at Jupiter in 2016 and is now on an extended mission to get more element about the colossal planet. The probe passed its 10-twelve months anniversary in set apart in August and stays in accurate neatly being at some stage in its extended mission, which used to be popular early in 2021. That acknowledged, the unparalleled radiation environment at Jupiter potential Juno couldn’t continue to exist to the close of its planned extension in 2025.

Some necessary findings of Juno in most up-to-date years embody finding strange contemporary auroras at Jupiter, giving more data about a generation-long atmospheric “hot set apart of living” mystery, and providing unprecedented element about the planet’s environment and storms

Juno’s level of curiosity on Jupiter will likely be treasured supplied that the next generation of probes within the machine are expected to level of curiosity largely on the earth’s frosty moons: NASA’s Europa Clipper, which will launch no sooner than October 2024, and the European House Company’s JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) slated for a launch in 2022. Juno’s work can even abet in a ramification of exoplanet compare, at the side of that of the James Webb House Telescope expected to launch gradual this twelve months.

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