Nearly Every TV Showcase Has Self-discipline Holes, But These 26 Teen Showcase Inconsistencies Essentially Grind My Gears

I will also plan a complete list of upright Degrassi affirm holes alone.

Warning: Spoilers forward!!!


Let’s open with One Tree Hill. Haley gave starting up to Jamie on graduation day, but she and Nathan didn’t acquire aid collectively except just a few months into senior 12 months. So she used to be simplest pregnant for delight in…six months tops?

Haley's not even pregnant yet on Halloween, gives birth on graduation day

The WB

I do know Jamie technically can also had been born in map, but there is zero reward of this, and he appears to be a fat-term toddler.


On Degrassi: The Next Generation, why used to be Chantay a pupil there for actually regularly?

Meme of Chantay at graduation saying,



Also on Degrassi: The Next Generation, J.T. references his americans loads in the earlier seasons. But in the later seasons, it used to be apparently his grandmother who raised him.



ALSO, what took place to Spinner’s sister, Kendra, on Degrassi: The Next Generation? She upright vanished with no rationalization. Somebody can also mild seek into this.



And who can also neglect the mysterious case of Tina Pinciotti, Donna’s exiguous sister on That ’70s Showcase who upright reputedly vanished into skinny air?


I will give the screen credit rating for poking fun at this in a Season 2 episode, even though.


In Season 1 of 13 Causes Why, Hannah involves Zach on the tapes on narrative of he stole her compliment notes. But in Season 2, it be revealed that they’d this complete secret summer season scoot, and it used to be after the notes ingredient took place. So…did Hannah upright no longer forgive Zach for that the total time they had been dating, or what?

Beth Dubber / Netflix/Courtesy Everett Sequence


On Saved by the Bell, Kelly and Jessie every upright randomly disappeared for the total final season, and Tori joined the friend community as an replace. But then in the finale, Kelly and Jessie randomly map aid for graduation, whereas Tori is nowhere to be chanced on.

Kelly and Jessie


Apparently this used to be the outcomes of NBC’s adjustments to the actors’ contracts, alternatively it be mild confusing as heck to seek.


Let’s also recount about perchance primarily the most evident continuity error on Saved by the Bell: Zack, Reveal, and Lisa had been all on the starting up students at a center school in Indiana. Then, all three of them apparently lope to the identical California highschool, alongside with the identical major.

Zack and Mr. Belding


Used to be Principal Belding stalking them or what?! I do know this is able to possibly doubtlessly be explained by Factual Morning, Miss Bliss being a particular screen, but I’m gonna plan fun of it anyways.


On Riverdale, if Cheryl and Jason had been purported to be twins, why had been they in diversified grades? Cheryl used to be in the identical grade as Betty, but Jason used to be in the identical grade as Betty’s older sister, Polly…huh?

Jason and Cheryl taking a learn about at every diversified in the pilot

The CW

I do know twins might possibly be in diversified grades if one in every of them skips one or will get held aid, but there is no reward of any of this.


Also, can anyone please repeat what the hell is up with the timeline on Riverdale??

Veronica will get into Harvard class of 2024; she says it's 2021 after the 7-12 months time jump

The CW


Talking of grades, why did Beverly Hills, 90210 rating all americans be juniors twice? Maybe actually all americans got held aid?




And on 90210, no matter took place to Annie and Dixon’s dad, Harry? I suggest, I do know he left metropolis after the divorce, but there is zero reward of him when Dixon has his automotive accident or even when Annie will get shot.

Dixon severely injured in health facility after automotive accident

CW Community / Courtesy Everett Sequence

You’ll assume there would as a minimum be a present of him, given how grand of a vital character he used to be in the earlier seasons.


On Magnificent Itsy-bitsy Liars, CeCe Drake is listed as prom queen in the Rosewood Excessive yearbook. This might well be gleaming, excluding, uh…she never went to Rosewood Excessive??



what I’m also truly passionate about? All of the mothers upright being left in Alison’s basement on Magnificent Itsy-bitsy Liars. How did they acquire out?!

The mothers trapped in the basement with no formulation out



I will also plod on and on about Magnificent Itsy-bitsy Liars affirm holes regularly, but I plod to upright plod away you with one final one: Magnificent grand every thing in regards to the timeline of Toby’s mom’s dying made no sense.

Toby's mother


How obsolete used to be Toby when she died? How obsolete used to be CeCe? How obsolete used to be Wilden? Nothing is realistic!


In the Season 3 finale of Elite, Rebe clearly throws the glass bottle upright shut to Polo’s body in any case of them establish their fingerprints on it. But in a flash-forward in the main episode of Season 3, the detective claims they never chanced on the bottle.



Love, did the detectives even LOOK?


On Merciless Summer season, aesthetic grand every thing in regards to the timeline of Jamie and Jeanette’s relationship is confusing. He says they started talking whereas he used to be inserting up lacking person posters, but then it be later shown that she used to be the one who urged him Kate used to be lacking in the main establish of living.

Jamie and Jeanette on her 16th birthday

Freeform / Courtesy Everett Sequence

Don’t even acquire me started on the punch scene in the main episode.


On Veronica Mars, how the HECK did Meg and her unborn toddler continue to exist that bus wreck when all americans else on board used to be killed in an instant? I do know she at final dies, but mild.

Pregnant Meg awake in the health facility after the wreck


This has the identical vitality as Tristan mysteriously being the sole one who’s severely injured from the bus wreck on Degrassi: Next Class.


On Degrassi: The Next Generation, Zig will get right into a struggle with Jonah. But then in the main episode of Degrassi: Next Class, they act delight in it be the main time they’re assembly.

Jonah and Zig shaking hands captioned

TeenNick / Netflix

I do know they had been doubtlessly upright making an strive no longer to confuse contemporary viewers, but these exiguous retcons are mild nerve-racking!


This one is petty, but hear me out: On Degrassi: Next Class, Miles keeps pronouncing how Tristan is the sole one who’s ever been there for him. But we actually NEVER noticed this.

Tristan tells Miles he's a shocking person and that he's going to wake up one day and understand he has no person and that he's so joyful he gained't be there for that unhappy day; Miles says Tristan's repeatedly been the one one who treats him delight in he's typical

TeenNick / Netflix

It used to be Maya who used to be there for Miles in Season 14, Lola who used to be there for him in Next Class…cite your sources, Degrassi.


Talking of inconsistent characters, what used to be up with Eric’s sudden persona change on Boy Meets World? Wasn’t he on the starting up purported to be the cool, charming older brother?

S1 Eric:



And whereas we’re talking Boy Meets World, how did toddler Joshua magically age, delight in, four years for the finale? Wasn’t he upright born a few months ago?

Josh is born episode; 4-12 months-obsolete Josh in the finale



Who the heck used to be the precise father of Theresa’s toddler on The O.C.? She claimed it used to be Eddie, however the exiguous one regarded exactly delight in Ryan, and Theresa’s mom even made a degree of claiming he used to be “taking a learn about an increasing form of enjoyment in his daddy daily.”

Ryan and Theresa sitting on the sofa collectively


I suggest, I bet it truly can also be Eddie, alternatively it mild seems delight in there used to be purported to be extra to this storyline.


Whatever took place to Dan and Serena’s half-brother on Gossip Lady? Did all americans upright neglect how phenomenal it used to be that they shared a literal sibling?

Dan and Serena's brother Scott

The CW


Also on Gossip Lady, why exactly had been Chuck and Nate taking the bus to college with Dan in the pilot? I don’t assume they ever plod by any methodology but limos and non-public jets for the remainder of the series.

The CW


And lastly, HOW THE HELL used to be Dan Gossip Lady?!

Gossip Lady blast about Jenny shedding her virginity

The CW

There are so many affirm holes with this that I don’t even know the establish to open. You’ll also very wisely be telling me he wrote this about his personal sister? Atrocious.

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