Netflix delivers ‘studio-quality’ sound upgrade for Android viewers

Don’t be shocked if Netflix sounds nicer the next time you marathon a tell on your Android mobile phone. Netflix has upgraded its Android app to maneuver audio in xHE-AAC (Prolonged HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC; yes, it’s a mouthful), promising “studio-quality” sound that’s also extra consistent — that is, it is most sensible to restful expertise it in extra locations.

The contemporary format affords a variable bitrate that would possibly well strengthen audio quality when your connection enables, and scale encourage for of us that’re on a flaky mobile link. Loudness management, meanwhile, prevents jarring quantity modifications (direct jumping from an action movie to a unruffled drama) and compensates for noisy environments with out the danger of clipping the loudest sounds. You would possibly well perhaps perhaps hear on your mobile phone’s audio system with out struggling to label dialogue.

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