Netflix down: most up-to-date updates as carrier appears to work intermittently

Is Netflix down? That is the quiz that the on-line is suddenly asking, as reports flood in of the carrier being down.

It appears to be taking place all the map thru all regions, with our UK and US workers noting a inform, and we are going to dig into what’s indubitably taking place and when it may perchance well be support on-line.

We’re seeing sporadic functionality for the positioning all the map thru the globe – so take care of tuned to our dwell blog as we computer screen all the developments (and take a look at out to search out you a resolution).


It appears as if the outage is dwindling now, and restore will most definitely be restored to your dwelling – DownDetector is itemizing ever-fewer reports, so we’re guessing the fixes bear advance in for a range of regions.

Netflix outage Oct 18

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Netflix outage reports on DownDetector bear reduced, however they’re no longer long gone entirely, and the @NetflixHelps customer carrier chronicle has continued to acknowledge to user tweets claiming the streaming carrier is down. In one tweet declaring a UK outage, the chronicle assures that “our team is investigating the self-discipline” however that they assemble no longer bear an estimated time on when Netflix will most definitely be support up:

We assemble no longer bear an estimated time, however we guarantee you that our team is investigating the self-discipline🛠️ ^FVOctober 18, 2021

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The foremost enhance attach for Netflix has been unwavering in its easy job that Netflix is up – we’re seeing very assorted, however this would perhaps ticket at a minor gremlin moderately than mountainous disorders.

Netflix down outage image

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It appears to be like the self-discipline is being solved platform by platform:

It used to be down for like 30 minutes for me too however trusty came support 🙂October 18, 2021

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More proof of the carrier coming support on-line from definite customers – even supposing others are reporting things are calm no longer functioning for them.

It used to be down for like 30 minutes for me too however trusty came support 🙂October 18, 2021

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We’ve trusty examined Netflix’s tempo tester, and that is the rationale functioning trusty lovely. We’ve also streamed HD whine material from the desktop too.

Netflix speed test

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The desktop abilities is returning now – we’re listening to confirmed reports of the carrier working for more all the map thru the globe.

Alternatively, the carrier remains running slowly, it appears.

It appears to be like the inform is slowly resolving, however we’re no longer seeing an enchancment on the desktop atmosphere trusty but.

We’ve contacted Netflix for comment.

DD outage proof

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We’re seeing the carrier take care of down on the desktop model, even supposing we’re seeing the app remain functioning for some customers.

A minute ago, Netflix calm wasn’t acknowledging the inform:

Hello Tsheps! Let’s take a look at this out for you!😊 On which system is this taking place? Is it taking place whenever you launch the app or whenever you play a title?🕵️‍♀️ ^FVOctober 18, 2021

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Can also that be since the carrier is already restoring? I’ve trusty been in a position to begin Squid Game (which I haven’t been in a position to peek but attributable to existence getting into into the capacity) on my iPhone.

For the time being nothing showing as much as this level on Netflix enhance, the abet attach or on Twitter.

Netflix not working

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This is what folks are seeing on the desktop attach within the UK – it appears to be like there is a trusty outage trusty when folks are settling down to dinner.

We’re seeing assorted performance all the map thru the globe – in California, our creator David Lumb can not salvage entry to the carrier, however two of our team within the NY bureau bear commented on the carrier being up, however slooooooooow.

In the UK, we’re no longer in a position to salvage entry to it, and the app itself is running extremely slowly.

Twitter is alight with customers all questioning what’s took place – we may perhaps even bear chosen many Tweets to converse you here, however or no longer it’s at a truly inopportune time to be dropping.

Aw man! Netflix is down! I had trusty began at episode sooner than dinner that I used to be getting into into as neatly…#netflixdown 18, 2021

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DD outage netflix

(Image credit: Down detector)

OK – so we converse now we bear got a inform here. DownDetector, the positioning that monitors for carrier performance, is showing a mountainous spike in disorders.

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