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Netlfix’s Cowboy Bebop Already Has Plans for Season 2

The next story contains light spoilers for Cowboy Bebop Season 1 on Netflix, but no further.

Netflix has taken a shot at factual about all the pieces. Perfect in 2021 on my own, we have gotten fashioned alarm (Center of the evening Mass), legend story (Shadow and Bone), comic book adaptation (Candy Enamel), and the streaming broad’s very top prove of all time (Squid Sport). Subsequent up? A are living-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, the cherished model-bending anime series (now streaming on Netflix in its entirety) that first took audiences by storm in the unhurried ’90s and has been resonant ever since. Netflix’s are living-action model is headed by regarded as one of essentially the most likable actors in the enterprise, John Cho, and springs with a advanced job: how accomplish you please both historical fans of the anime and original recruits?

In making a series that’s hyper-exact to the anime, Cowboy Bebop has gotten a polarized response, with many announcing that while it mirrors the original, it would now not attain with the identical charm. For my half, I’m in a position to now not talk as partial to the anime; I’ve very top seen one episode of the original series, but I had enough stress-free with the primary season of this are living-action adaptation that it be very possible I finally return and gaze your complete thing.

Which is an very honest correct segue into one thing I are making an are trying to add earlier than the the relaxation of this story: I’m coming from the angle, right here, of anyone original to the enviornment of Cowboy Bebop. The Spike Spiegel, Jet Unlit, and Faye Valentine I image in my head are now not the original anime depictions, but stars Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda.

And the prove is stress-free! Or now not it is in most cases what we have attain to know as “situation TV,” but in many ways it feels indulge in regarded as one of many primary Submit-Mandalorian reveals we have gotten: an tall sci-fi world, with an episodic, story-of-the-week residing structure, with spacious residing objects, outsized characters, and a memoir throughline that comes together at the tail cease of the season. This became once my first exposure to Cowboy Bebop, but in whatever ability—whether or now not it be one other season of the are living-action series, finally looking out at the original anime, or both—I’m ready for more.

This is what every person knows about a capability Season 2 for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop.

cowboy bepop l to r john cho as spike spiegel in cowboy bepop cr geoffrey shortnetflix © 2021


Will there be a Season 2 of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix?

While Netflix hasn’t formally said anything yet about a Cowboy Bebop Season 2 renewal, the ending—with Spike meeting a young capability traveling companion in Ed (a eminent character in the original series), and Faye, Jet Unlit, Vicious, and Julia all placed in original scenarios—does seem to residing up a continuation of these storylines.

André Nemec, the showrunner of the are living-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation, has said that he is already serious about the model forward for this world and these characters. “If Ted Sarandos comes by, you portray him I purchased spacious plans for season two,” Nemec said, referring to Netflix’s CEO in a Hollywood Reporter interview. “We positively know where we’re making an are trying to head, and I’m infected that we salvage to portray these tales. Fingers crossed that we salvage more Cowboy Bebop.”

Who would be in the forged?

Season 2 of Cowboy Bebop would if truth be told sigh back all the prove’s primary players. That for sure formulation our heroes, regardless of going their separate ways: John Cho as Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Unlit, and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine. And naturally we can peek more of *DOG ACTORSCharlie & Harry as the handsome Ein.

It could perhaps most in all probability perhaps well also want to sigh back our villains/quasi-villains: Alex Hassell as Vicious and Elena Satine as Julia.

We’ll also inquire to peek more of our crew from the membership on Mars, Tamara Tunie as Ana and Mason Alexander Park as Gren. Sooner or later, the closing moments of Cowboy Bebop introduce the character of Ed—stout title in the anime Edward “Radical Ed” Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV. The actor enjoying Ed is rarely genuinely 100% confirmed factual yet, but comprehend it’d be an increased position in a spacious design ought to there be a season 2.

What would Season 2 of Cowboy Bebop be about?

cowboy bebop l to r john cho as spike spiegel, mustafa shakir as jet black, daniella pineda as faye valentine and ein in cowboy bebop cr geoffrey shortnetflix © 2021


But again, make a selection this with a grain of salt; I’ve now not seen the anime, and the prove looks to be very exact to its provide topic topic. So it be in all probability the story in that regard will snatch up where Season 1 leaves off.

But Nemec has also spoken about how he desires to mix some trace original topic topic in with relate nods to the original. He defined to Kakuchopurei:

It became once major to accomplish both. I dislike to be form of non-answering but it became once major to accomplish both. I earn living in the spirit of the anime supposed taking things that weren’t broken and now not making an are trying to fix them. That blue swimsuit’s pleasing awesome, we don’t want to adjust that. That yellow sofa works, why would we switch that? The ship is cool. So, I earn diverse it became once that there have been so many things that work but at the identical time, now not making an are trying to accomplish a one-to-one translation because I desired to be served, if I had been a fan, a diversified meal.I’d are making an are trying to form of abilities the continued adventures and salvage more time with the Bebop crew but now not know what became once going to occur earlier than it happens if I became once a fan. For these that aren’t fans, as a design to sigh just a few one-to-one moments from the anime, in relate that these that have by no formulation seen the anime could most in all probability perhaps well even have the experiences that I had while looking out at the anime. Which once more, became once so profound at the time when I became once looking out at them.

Which is all to yell: we can inquire a mixture of all these right this moment tailored moments, and original stuff too. We left with Spike, Jet, and Faye all going their separate ways; Spike now working to help Ed (so we predict), Jet persevering with his work and cherishing the time along with his daughter, and Faye making an are trying into her have previous. In the interim, Julia has taken withhold watch over of the syndicate, and has chained Vicious up after taking pictures Spike. Perchance she thinks Spike is ineffective once more? We are in a position to peek.

When will Cowboy Bebop Season 2 attain out?

If the prove will get renewed for one other season, it be cheap to inquire that the next season would air either in Winter 2022 or early Spring 2023. Or now not it is a spacious prove that takes diverse time to jot down and procedure—wait and see, problem cowboys.

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