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Nikon D3500 review

The Nikon D3500 is lacking in functions learned greater up in Nikon’s differ, but for the worth, it’s exhausting to argue.


  • The worth – it’s a host of camera for lower than $500
  • Listing sharpness and quality from traditional equipment lenses
  • Recordsdata Mode is candy for absolute photography newbies


  • Unlucky performance for these wanting to be taught videomaking
  • No Bluetooth makes transferring photos remotely exhausting work
  • Patchy autofocus
  • Minute Are residing Gape responsiveness in low mild stipulations

Nikon D3500: Key Specs

Form: Digital Single Lens Reflex

Sensor: DX Carve Sensor 24.2 mp

Lens mount: DX-structure Nikon F Mount with AF contacts

ISO differ: 100 – 25600

Viewfinder: Leer-stage pentamirror single-lens reflex

Video functionality: 1080p at 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24p

Weight: 0.8 lbs physique completely

Dimension: 4.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 (in)

Memory card kind: SD (1 slot)

The Nikon D3500, replacing the emblem’s D3400, is the manufacturer’s most contemporary entry-stage DSLR. It’s geared toward the newbie photographer who desires to gravitate against extra developed equipment with out losing the take dangle of-up-and-scoot attitude of many compact cameras or smartphone programs. In this review, we will use a deeper peep into the D3500, reviewing a host of its programs and assessing whether or no longer indeed this DX SLR outshines what’s turning into stiff competition from other programs. 

Nikon D3500 review: Have

  • Tiny and mild-weight-weight 
  • Very ideal hand grip 
  • Buttons and menu objects a shrimp bit fiddly which implies that of size 

Image shows a closeup view of the controls and dials on the Nikon D3500.

(Listing credit score: Jacob Puny)

In on the present time’s period of snazzy smartphones and whizzy mirrorless cameras, taking an entry-stage DSLR out of the sphere in total is a a shrimp bit underwhelming ride. The sector itself is puny, with the typical extras possibilities are you’ll well well demand to procure within a DSLR package, corresponding to a wall charger, lens caps, and the typical 18-55mm equipment lens, but otherwise, there could be shrimp of demonstrate to epic. 

First impressions are largely associated to the burden (or lack thereof) and the very first thing we belief is that this desires to be certainly one of the most lightest DSLR cameras we now contain dwelling our palms on in most contemporary times. The load of the 18-55mm equipment lens is practically the identical as the physique itself; place together, or no longer it’s peaceful an with out concerns manageable unit. Its ergonomics are a shrimp bit helped by the deep handgrip and the again buttons, which contain been reorganized since earlier incarnations of the D3xxx series, and now all sit on the great-hand side of the physique for easy access. 

Our completely criticism is that the Nikon D3500 is so mild that after a couple of trips out we contain been fearful it’d procure damaged – the lightness of the package itself is bordering on flimsy. Worthy like Nikon’s D5xxx series of cameras, the physique is so puny or no longer it’s some distance also quite exhausting to alternate settings when having a ogle via the viewfinder. There are a host of advantages to its size, on the opposite hand, and the burden of the unit is a lot like many scoot or mirrorless cameras out there, making it easy to transport and match into smaller padded camera shoulder luggage.

Image shows the screen on the Nikon D3500.

(Listing credit score: Jacob Puny)

Nikon D3500 review: Performance

  • Lack of touchscreen can also place some investors off 
  • Or no longer it’s stressful to have to access sub-menus to attain some settings
  • Very ideal and main battery life and performance 

Swap the Nikon D3500 on throughout the familiar ideal-hand side toggle switch and you are greeted with a standard Nikon setup and interface. Due to its size, we did procure the redesigned button structure a shrimp bit fiddly, but otherwise, the menu scheme and day to day operation of the camera are easy. 

The greatest rapid and obtrusive pickle with the Nikon D3500 is the shortcoming of a tilting LCD touchscreen, which on the D5xxx series of cameras makes awkward angles and snappy setting adjustments a tear. We in most cases learned ourselves swiping on the show mask mask to no avail. There is, on the opposite hand, a first rate dwell ogle mode on the D3500, which paired with the 18-55mm equipment lens produces glowing shade reproduction and a pointy illustration of what is in entrance of you. Without the lean mode or the means to press on the show mask mask, on the opposite hand, this does contain somewhat shrimp doable for day-to-day shooting. 

Love in Nikon’s mid-differ D5xxx series we learned it stressful that by default, ‘ISO-A’ mode is chosen, which robotically moves the ISO developing and down by itself. It doesn’t contain a short-alternate button on the face of the camera, and as an substitute requires manual chance in the sub-menu programs. 

To the left of the camera, there could be an HDMI slot and a USB connection slot for linking as a lot as a computer, but sadly no 3.5mm jack for an external microphone connection, which makes HD video shooting a shrimp bit shrimp. Twinned with the indisputable reality that there could be no 4K mode formula we would be tempted to peep in completely different places if we contain been a newbie having a ogle to procure into filmmaking extra down the toll road. 

The coolest-hand side of the camera functions a standard size SD card slot and a battery compartment. The battery itself is claimed to contain elevated in skill by round 30% and has a CIPA score of over 1,500 photos. That is a plucky score, and even though we did procure the battery life to be ideal, usage is per chance of course a bit lower than this.

Image shows a top view of the Nikon 3500.

(Listing credit score: Jacob Puny)

Nikon D3500 review: Performance

  • Autofocus feels musty-genuine and is threatened to be out of date
  • Successfully-balanced straight-out-the-camera pictures, with ideal detail and depth
  • Recordsdata Mode is candy, but most will outgrow it snappy 

Taking photos, twinned with a standard 18-55mm equipment lens, is a fairy easy affair and we score the camera does a first rate job of residing as a lot as its entry-stage and newbie space, with out having the the rest of nice demonstrate to jot down dwelling about. Being a couple of years musty now, the autofocus scheme is starting up to if reality be told feel a shrimp bit dated, and there are completely 11 autofocus facets, which contain been out of date in this reduce-off date by many phones and newbie mirrorless programs. We would contain like to contain seen a few extra outlying autofocus facets – many of them as seen via the viewfinder are clustered across the heart of the physique. We also learned that it point of curiosity hunted a bit in decrease mild stipulations, which we would demand to gaze in budget-pleasant cut sensor DSLR cameras, but again we score there could be a requirement designate here as as to whether or no longer phones and mirrorless cameras invent low-mild greater in this reduce-off date.

As an alternative of the AF scheme, which many newbies admittedly won’t effort too noteworthy about, your total device of taking photos with the D3500 is fine, and the quality of photos themselves is glorious. In ideal mild stipulations, at low ISO settings, the camera reproduces shade faithfully and even the typical equipment lens we tested had a sharpness that is exhausting to procure on other cameras at this tag. There is now not any face detection via the optical viewfinder, so possibilities are you’ll well well have to make exercise of Are residing Gape for that, but this works well in spite of reducing battery life quite severely. The straight out of the camera, unedited JPG files are properly balanced by formula of temperature and publicity, but we learned that in darker environments the devoted metering sensor could well well now not quite precisely predict the great settings, so we needed to invent a shrimp publicity compensation here. That being acknowledged, we contain been impressed, and for image quality alone the D3500 outperforms its predicament in Nikon’s differ.

Extra equipment

Kit lens: 18-55mm VR (Stabilised)

Most attention-grabbing extensive lens: Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD

Most attention-grabbing zoom lens: Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR

Spare battery kind: EN-EL14a rechargeable Li-ion battery

Memory card: SD Card

Recordsdata Mode is basically the most critical new addition to the D3500, which if reality be told works as a step-by-step mode to permit you procure essentially the most out of every photo. It works by providing menu objects which would be extra an a lot like a compact camera setup, and graduates from these more uncomplicated-to-exercise programs wouldn’t contain too noteworthy anxiousness finding out the ropes of the D3500. 

‘Shoot’, ‘Gape, Delete’, ‘Retouch’ and ‘Location Up’ menu objects are straight readily available upon chance of Recordsdata Mode, and once via to the easy operation mode of the shoot show mask mask customers will most likely be requested whether or no longer they are taking photos of of us, distant issues, landscapes, sports or a evening-scene, for occasion. In the extra developed manual mode, possibilities are you’ll well per chance take dangle of an heavenly (eg, blurred backgrounds) and the camera will point out what settings or no longer it’s inserting itself in to make the desired outcomes. A pleasing shrimp characteristic that promotes newbie photographers to be taught extra referring to the craft.

The Retouch chance also works quite well, permitting you to well-organized, colorize or edit explicit photos with in-built filters. It works well on both RAW and JPG files, however the ideas are traditional and the outcomes are quite shrimp. Over time, we would suggest that most customers of an entry-stage DSLR just like the D3500 will shoot in RAW structure and export to external photo editing scheme to contain extra negate user alter over their photos. 

SnapBridge is Nikon’s connectivity app, permitting access to your camera and your photos remotely the usage of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Nikon D3500 is geared up with low-vitality Bluetooth vitality completely, and no longer the WiFi of many other cameras in its differ just like the subsequent-stage up D5xxx series. We belief this used to be a shrimp a disappointment, as or no longer it’s extraordinarily unimaginative to switch photos to a phone or tablet the usage of Bluetooth connection completely, and it makes transferring RAW photos especially time-ingesting. It also makes connectivity a shrimp bit peevish. A pleasing characteristic – but this chance is extra healthy integrated in other cameras in Nikon’s repertoire. 

Image shows a picture of a street taken with the Nikon D3500.

(Listing credit score: Jacob Puny)

Must peaceful you take dangle of the Nikon D3500

The D3500 is a first rate camera, even though many of its functions contain been surpassed now by improved technology. But, cameras like this are now not going wherever, and the exact crux of why is that they are somewhat low-price to procure and for patrons to take dangle of.

For lower than $500, possibilities are you’ll well per chance procure a top class image-making allotment of apparatus that in spite of the quality of smartphones, has the means to use your photos to the subsequent stage.  Full manual alter is fully possible – DSLR cameras contain retained their recognition because the mechanics of their operation and the physical nature wherein they use pictures can’t be replicated by every other compact scheme. The 24-megapixel sensor has the means to use photos that raise in scale and size with out concerns, and most customers will procure that even though traditional, the D3500’s performance in low-mild stipulations with out concerns surpasses most smartphones. 

The low tag, especially when paired with a somewhat impressive equipment lens, begins to procure the D3500 procure a lot extra sense, and we’re impressed with how noteworthy quality Nikon has been ready to pack in this unit.

Image shows the Nikon D3500 resting on a wooden surface,

(Listing credit score: Jacob Puny)

The Nikon D3500 is indirectly a actually ideal camera, perfectly dwelling up for newbies to open to be taught their craft and realize the basics of the science in the again of image-making. In the occasion you need to additionally contain had a shrimp ride, on the opposite hand, we score the manual mode is also stressful and redundant, and or no longer it’s worth remembering that we score that here’s a camera that possibilities are you’ll well well presumably develop out of quite snappy.

We contain been disappointed by no 4K video, no headphone unit, and no WiFi for connectivity, and we would contain beloved to contain seen a extra honed autofocus scheme, but to be apt, to effort too noteworthy about these concerns is to omit the purpose with the D3500. To procure someone angry, intrigued, and unfamiliar about photography, it does a nice job, and that is all it’s some distance dwelling as a lot as invent. We just like the pricing, its glorious battery life, and the means to eschew the manual mode in prefer of a extra manual formula if you wish. No longer having a tilt or touchscreen can also bog down some customers, but we in total learned its operation easy with out complicating matters like some mirrorless cameras can.

Even supposing smaller, extra developed, and technically extra talented mirrorless and compact cameras are out there, there could be one thing reassuring referring to the quality of the D3500 and proves there could be peaceful a market for keeping issues easy. Or no longer it’s some distance a camera that possibilities are you’ll well well snappy outgrow, but as a exact traditional starting up point into the sphere of developed photography, it doesn’t procure severely greater in spite of its operating limitations

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