Nikon releases the Z fc DX-structure mirrorless digicam

A heritage-make mannequin that further enhances the enjoyment of taking pictures and possession


Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is inflamed to dispute the launch of the APS-C measurement (Nikon DX-structure) Nikon Z fc mirrorless digicam, as successfully as two lenses: a silver-colour variation of the extra special zoom NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens, and the prime NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) special version lens for which a heritage make that suits the Z fc body has been adopted.

Details relating to the NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) will most certainly be discovered within the next press launch, issued this present day:


The Z fc is the first Z-series digicam to adopt a heritage make, while concurrently supporting heaps of evolved substances. As successfully as to the enjoyment of taking pictures gigantic stills and videos, it’s designed with explicit consideration paid to handing over the satisfaction and joy of possession. Its compact, gentle-weight body is extremely portable but packs wonderful operability and rendering functionality, making it easy to deal with even for first-time mirrorless digicam users.

The Z fc’s exterior adopts a heritage make inspired by the enduring Nikon FM2 SLR film digicam launched in 1982. It substances a Nikon emblem from the 1970-80s as successfully as a body measurement and dial positions which would be equivalent to the FM2. It also incorporates a circular eyepiece, and three dials and a expose panel on the stay body: the ardour of this heritage make is expose in each place aside. Furthermore, two lenses that match the Z fc’s heritage style can even be launched.

The letter “f” within the Z fc’s name is a reference to devices with symbolic significance in Nikon’s history, while also being inspired by the observe “fusion,” representing the arrival together of tactile precision mechanics and high image quality. The letter “c”, meanwhile, conveys Nikon’s want for this digicam, with all its inherited tradition, to be ragged by anybody, anywhere, “casually”.

Nikon will proceed to pursue a brand novel dimension in optical efficiency while meeting users’ needs, contributing to the style of imaging tradition, with the hope of expanding probabilities for imaging expression.

Main substances

1. A heritage make inspired by the enduring Nikon FM2 digicam

 The Z fc’s pentaprism make and body measurement, as successfully because the steadiness between the dusky and silver-colour substances on the Z fc’s body, are inspired by Nikon’s legendary FM2 SLR film digicam. Furthermore, a circular eyepiece has been adopted for the electronic viewfinder (EVF), to boot to special substances such because the make of the dials and the inscribed Nikon emblem bearing similarities to the FM2’s. The Z fc concurrently achieves legitimate robustness by employing magnesium alloy.

As successfully as, users can hang to customise the colour of their Z fc body from the six Top charge Exterior colour alternate options*, enabling users to personalize their digicam to further match their particular person style.

2. Straightforward operation that enables the crafting of the intended image

The highest of Z fc’s body substances three dials and a puny window that displays the aperture. The dials withhold watch over shutter hotfoot, publicity compensation and ISO sensitivity, allowing setting changes with straightforward operation. Along with the puny window that displays the aperture, users are in a pickle to verify the four traditional settings for image-making at a survey and alter them with out complications. Also, the i button and that i menu toughen atmosphere pleasant taking pictures, by allowing instant adjustment of a unfold of settings with the clicking of a button.

For the first time in a Nikon Z series digicam, the Z fc supports publicity compensation right by AUTO mode, enabling users to discontinue their desired expression by increasing brightness, making improvements to silhouettes, and heaps others. even while the utilization of AUTO mode. The digicam also substances 20 Inventive Image Regulate alternate options that bring uncommon expressions. By deciding on subject matters with diversified parameters equivalent to hue, toning and saturation, anybody can specific a various fluctuate of atmospheres, while confirming the final image in proper time by the note or electronic viewfinder (EVF) sooner than taking pictures. Additionally, users can alter effects per their style, expanding the fluctuate of creative expression.

3. Helpful functions and efficiency that perceive the desired expression

The Z fc supports Count on-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF with the taking pictures of stills and video, substances launched on the elephantine-frame mirrorless cameras Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II. The wide-condo AF (L) AF-condo mode is supported, further guaranteeing the hang of eyes and faces by limiting the focusing condo. As successfully as this, continuous focal point on the eyes of the intended arena when there are several individuals or animals within the frame, or tracking the eyes of a pet that’s transferring around will most certainly be achieved.

The hang of particular stills and videos in darkish situations is made imaginable by covering a gigantic fashioned sensitivity fluctuate of ISO 100-51200*. Additionally, taking pictures from high angles, as successfully as vertical taking pictures from low angles, is enabled with the adoption of the first vari-perspective note amongst Z series cameras. When the note is rotated to the entrance, the digicam automatically switches to self-portrait mode, providing comfortable selfie taking pictures by touch operation.

*Expandable up to ISO 204800. The most traditional sensitivity for video recording is ISO 25600.

4. Strengthen for the SnapBridge app, featuring two computerized connection modes

The SnapBridge app will most certainly be ragged to switch photos and videos recorded with the digicam to a trim machine*, making it easy for users to share them on social media. The latest digicam firmware will most certainly be received by the app. The latest Snapbridge Ver. 2.8 supports two computerized connection modes: foreground mode and background mode. The foreground mode connects with the digicam handiest when the app is ragged, lowering digicam battery consumption. The background mode substances a relentless connection, transferring pictures automatically even when the trim machine is in sleep mode, and is similar to the ragged Snapbridge characteristic.

*iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices to which the SnapBridge app has been installed will most certainly be ragged. The SnapBridge app will most certainly be downloaded freed from charge from the App Store® and Google Play™. Peek Nikon’s online page for further files.

5. Extra substances

  • A pure survey with minimal aberration is achieved with the electronic viewfinder (EVF) that employs an natural EL panel
  • Video recording supporting 4K UHD with out sever the utilization of the DX-based mostly fully film image condo
  • Supports Beefy-time AF (AF-F) devoted for video recording
  • Slack-motion video taking pictures is made easy by merely deciding on a image measurement and frame charge
  • Supports Webcam Utility, machine that enables the Z fc to be ragged as a web based digicam
  • Product kit and accompanying digicam strap that match the Z fc’s heritage style
  • Supports USB energy shipping with the digicam grew to change into on as successfully as USB charging

Equipment lenses: NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR and NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE)

The silver-colour variation of the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR is a dilapidated zoom lens that is per the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR, but substances a silver-colour exterior make to match the Z fc’s body. The lens is compact and gentle-weight, with a total measurement of approx. 32 mm and total weight of approx. 135 g. It is a helpful lens to lift around, while handing over high dedication for the length of the zoom fluctuate. The NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR will most certainly be utilized for a unfold of day to day scenes, from landscapes and snapshots to portraits and tabletop photos.

The NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) is a compact and gentle-weight lens that is ultimate for portraits and easy-lifestyles photography, providing the cozy bokeh that is uncommon to prime lenses. The lens substances a heritage make inspired by NIKKOR lenses from around the time the FM2 used to be launched, and ideally suits the Z fc’s make.

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  • Other trademarks and alternate names are these of their respective owners.

Specifications, make, product name and equipped accessories would perhaps merely fluctuate by country or condo. Specifications and equipment are arena to commerce with none peep or responsibility on the allotment of the producer.

Salvage your local Nikon online page for further product filesFor extra files

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