Nintendo drops erroneous mannequin Switch mark in Europe

Designate falls by round £20 before OLED console originate

Nintendo has dropped the retail mark for the wrong Switch console in the UK and mainland Europe.

The similar old mark of the unit on the official Nintendo store is now £259.99/€299.99, a £20 decrease from the old mark of £279.99/€329.99.

The new pricing leaves the wrong mannequin sitting between the mark of a Switch Lite, which retails at £199.99, and the upcoming Switch OLED, which is slated to price £309.99 at originate.

Nintendo unveiled the Switch OLED inspire in July, which boasts a handful of recent and refined choices. The new mannequin incorporates a seven-plod OLED conceal, an ethernet port to pork up online performance, and a important broader kickstand.

The OLED mannequin is put to originate on October 8, the similar day as Metroid Fright.

As of August 2021, Nintendo has supplied over 89 million Switch devices worldwide.

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