Nintendo Teases Mario Kart Tour’s Stamp-Modern Metropolis Course

Esteem a dawdle in the land down below?

Mario Kart Tour

Because the Ninja-themed event wraps up in Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has decided to internet the lid on the next spherical of racing. It appears to be like Mario and company are off to Sydney, Australia to ride a “trace-unique” metropolis route. Yay!

The hooked up characterize presentations off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and in front of it is Rosalina, Toad and Puny one Mario – who appears to be like to be wearing Koala ears. He’s even bought a bit backpack to scuttle along with it!

After we acquire out extra about this upcoming event, we will can enable you know. Will you be collaborating in the Sydney Tour? Are you unruffled taking part in Mario Kart for your cell instrument? Comment down beneath.

[source twitter.com]

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