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Nurse’s Video on Losing Job for Refusing Vaccine Goes Viral

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A Twitter post of an unmasked nurse being escorted from a Kaiser Permanente hospital for what she called “sincerely held religious beliefs” has gone viral. It had been viewed better than 6 million times at press time.

The 5-minute video of the nurse leaving the hospital, each and each of which are unidentified within the clip, was a composed remark by the frontline employee in opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which many employers globally are enforcing.

In her video, which was first and well-known posted October 30 on Rumble, the nurse explained, “I’m being escorted out of Kaiser Permanente hospital for my religious beliefs on story of I manufacture now no longer would favor to to find the jab. And I asked all day for any individual to indicate to me why my sincerely held religious beliefs are now no longer ethical ample for Kaiser. And no one was in a neighborhood to provide that for me,” she persevered.

“So now they’re escorting me out on story of I needed a solution. And I’m now no longer leaving with out a solution. I unquestionably absorb some nurses right here who are standing with me in unity, and I treasure that.”

The nurse, seen walking by the halls of the hospital surrounded by masked personnel, including a security guard, additional acknowledged that she had been positioned on unpaid administrative go. Kaiser Permanente had now no longer responded at press time to media requests for advise.

“I correct favor all of you to depend the prices,” she acknowledged. “I favor you to absorb a study this and deem, what unquestionably issues to me? Because I’m energetic to lose my safety and security, my house, all the pieces, for my freedom. And I favor you to deem that.”

While awaiting an elevator, she also posed questions to a pair random folks about their views on the topic. “Let me quiz you, produce you deem in religious freedom?” Offscreen, those responding indicated affirmatively. “Properly, Kaiser would no longer. Because they assign now no longer seem to be accepting my religious exemption in step with my sincerely held religious beliefs. So that is a scenario.”

Also on the video she acknowledged that she has labored since the origin of the pandemic, “as soon as we didn’t know what was going on,” and that she had shown up the day of her expulsion “gratified to work.” She also touted Kaiser for paying smartly. She even quoted the corporate’s signs in a parking storage that encourages workers to climb the steps for exercise as she went with the security guard who was escorting her up seven flights to the discontinuance of the parking storage.

“Or now no longer it is a unhappy day. I manufacture now no longer know what roughly a lethal illness it is within the occasion that they’re firing nurses who are energetic to work. I manufacture now no longer know,” she concluded. “It would no longer compose sense to me. So you would possibly perchance perchance absorb acquired to quiz your self that ask: what roughly world are we dwelling in when now we absorb a lethal illness the assign my children absorb to set aside on masks in college and they absorb to discover a vaccine for one thing that they assign now no longer seem to be inclined to loss of life from the least bit.”

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