One Stat Shows How Powerful Zac Taylor and the Cincinnati Bengals Have Struggled Over the Previous Two Seasons

CINCINNATI — The Bengals are hoping to expose issues around in 2021 after five straight shedding seasons. 

Head coach Zac Taylor is having a gaze to level himself after going 6-25-1 in his first two years with the crew. 

Despite posting an unpleasant file, the Bengals had been aggressive in most of their video games. They’ve held a lead in 24 of their ultimate 32 contests. No crew has led in extra matchups in a two-year span however acquired fewer video games than Cincinnati [since at least 2000] in accordance to NFL analyst Warren Lively. 

On one hand, it reveals that the Bengals are taking half in laborious and would possibly perhaps most likely additionally most likely be shut to turning the corner. On the identical time, it be easy to wonder if coaching is a extensive motive they’ve struggled to pull out a couple of of their shut video games. 

Taylor is 2-13-1 in one ranking video games since being named head coach of the Bengals sooner than the 2019 season. 

The group made the resolution to inform him support for a third campaign. They added extra than one defensive players in free agency and are anticipated to pick out extra than one key offensive players within the draft. If they attain that, then there is no motive Taylor don’t bag extra success in year three. 

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