One three hundred and sixty five days Later, We’re Smooth Using A Reusable Duration Cup

No person asked for this article, but I believed I’d note up on my article in late 2019 about attempting a duration cup for the principle time.

Almost a yr and a half of later, I nonetheless notify Luuna Natural’s cup but get it the most well-known for the principle few days of my duration since these are in overall the heaviest. It’s helpful since you don’t must grief about it a lot of the day, unbiased correct stick it in the morning and strive to be factual for a stable eight hours (reckoning to your movement, that is).  

For day three and onward, I undoubtedly get tampons more straightforward to notify – I focal level on since your movement decreases, it’s reasonably more challenging to insert the cup.

Furthermore whilst it’s seemingly you’ll per chance seemingly seemingly be the utilization of the cup, it’s most productive to additionally notify it with a liner since reasonably of leaking does occur.

Repeatedly be certain to notice the directions and boil the cup in hot water for 10 minutes. I boil a kettle of water, submerge the cup, then carefully drain it when the time is up.

As for put on and toddle, the cup nonetheless appears to be like to be tag recent. I in my opinion focal level on they had been reasonably tidy to procure the hot pink coloration because it’s heroic and, you know, conclude to the coloration of blood. 

The tag additionally affords organic tampons, pads and liners and we had of endeavor to envision out out a plastic-free duration jam (RMB108). 

In China, tampon alternatives are rather dinky, in particular whenever you’re not come an expat grocery store. I in overall bewitch the tag o.b. since they’re accessible at 7-Eleven and are tiny and discreet in packaging. 


o.b. traditional vs. Luuna’s huge absorbency. Characterize through That’s

Luuna’s beautifully packaged plastic-free duration jam comes with 20 cardboard applicator tampons (10 traditional absorbency and 10 huge absorbency). I wore the tampon all day and didn’t expertise any leaks, which is nice because I get leaking happens with o.b.’s non-applicator tampons. Without an applicator, I get it more challenging to push the tampon up with most productive your finger.

Even though the packaging is gorgeous, the cylindrical field itself is reasonably giant – it’s seemingly you’ll per chance seemingly seemingly additionally always reuse it to store other knickknacks, I command. Whenever you’d like one thing rather much less cumbersome, Luuna additionally affords non-applicator tampons which advance in tiny bins.

All in all, I like that Luuna makes notify of organic cotton for his or her tampons and that there is this risk accessible in China. On the opposite hand, for the sake of comfort, I’ll potentially follow the utilization of the cup and unbiased correct shopping more affordable tampons.

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