Oscar De La Hoya’s Comeback Fight: Gennady Golovkin and Spike O’Sullivan Are Frontrunners

If Oscar De La Hoya returns to the boxing ring, he obtained’t delight in a scarcity of opponents. Several boxers including ‘GGG’ and ‘Spike’ are urgent for a war against the ‘Golden Boy’.

Oscar De La Hoya retired from boxing in 2008 after losing to Manny Pacquiao. Since then, he has worked as a promoter and has by no way dusted off his boxing gloves. Nonetheless, it may per chance per chance per chance per chance fair be the staunch time to attain in tell special exhibition occasions and comeback fights are making info within the boxing world.

Following Mike Tyson‘s return against Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather additionally announced his return against Logan Paul. So it made sense when Oscar De La Hoya compulsory to get a comeback. Gentle 47, De La Hoya already had a with Gennady Golovkin.

The two spat venom as De La Hoya mocked the middleweight broad. While the 2 had been already in a feud, Gary O’ Sulivan entered the legend. The Irish pugilist additionally offered himself for De La Hoya’s return and appeared assured of bagging the war.

Spike hunts for Oscar De La Hoya

In accordance to Boxing Scene, ‘Spike’ linked with Sunday Sport and talked about his need in facing De La Hoya. He didn’t demean the Golden Boy CEO, nonetheless tagged it as an extraordinarily easy war for himself.

“It will per chance per chance per chance be a dream war. It will per chance per chance per chance be an infinite war to get as he is an 11-time world champion, six weight division and an Olympic gold medallist, and I’ve seen that I’m second favourite with the bookies in The usa to get that war,” said Spike.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 13: Oscar De La Hoya talking to the media everywhere in the CANELO VS. ROCKY Final Press Conference at Madison Square Backyard Dcember 13, 2018 in Unusual York Metropolis . (Listing by Bill Tompkins/Getty Photos)

He added, “And it’s a winnable war because he has been in retirement for 11 years. My coach Paschal Collins has been on to Golden Boy. I mediate it’s a possibility, nonetheless I’m no longer certain it may per chance per chance per chance per chance happen, we’ll watch.”

While Gennady Golovkin and Gary O’ Sulivan are peaceable active boxers, De La Hoya isn’t relevant to the ongoing title trouble. So, he can fade for any of these opponents to stage his return. De La Hoya’s return isn’t for the sage books, nonetheless exact a circulation that will per chance extra enrich his legacy.

Enact you think Oscar De La Hoya will return to the squared circle?

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