Our Legacy Plunge 2021 Ready-to-Wear

“We dig deeper where we are quiet,” says Our Legacy inventive director Christopher Nying of over any other time having a explore domestically for inspiration. For fall he brings us attend to his fatherland of Husqvarna to dispute but any other Swedish yarn. This one is set the intersection of teenybopper boarding faculty younger of us with the native punk scene, led by bands fancy Asta Kask and Strebers. It’s a memoir of snappy improvisation, waist-tied shirts meeting eyeliner and studs, rugby shirts, moto jackets, tweed, leather. It’s also a yarn in step with Nying’s deepest experiences, which contributes a feeling of authenticity to the collection.

Extending that sense of realness is the inclusion of teaser pieces, within the perform of tweaked classic moto jackets, from an upcoming collaboration between OL and Eva Jangen, a native classic dealer. The gap explore, as an instance, parts a leather sarong and pants paired with a 1955 jacket customized by Nying. A unparalleled begin to a winning collection.

Plunge, in step with the purpose out notes, is set “conservatism inverted,” however Nying does more than correct flip the old long-established on its head. Relatively, punk and prep are taken apart and reassembled in new systems, and moderately a range of these transformations are subject matter-driven, starting with leather, staunch and pretend, moreover as a mud-dyed silk that appears fancy leather. These soft surfaces are mixed with textural ones: shearling and relaxed alpaca. Boiled wools perform the physique of updated and oversize rugby tops; corduroy is old for suiting and a tailored corset-fancy top. Swedish tweeds are mixed and matched. Abet by standard quiz are spring’s printed (versus dyed) denim, notes mark co-founder and CEO Jockum Hallin. A dialogue between the prep/punk tropes and among materials indubitably drive this line-up staunch by diagram of which fabrications and silhouettes are consistent all over gender.

It is miles potentially not a coincidence that this collection, perchance the logo’s most unisex but, within the raze achieves a enough integration of the lads’s and girls’s lines. Nying says he’s “realized a feminine nerve for menswear.” Having done so he appears to admire utter out to raise out the reverse with womenswear, however it without a doubt’s a false equivalency. OL’s intent has never been to beget feminine dresses for men, however relatively to follow a sensibility to menswear that defines masculinity in a more nuanced manner and enables for a more or much less in-betweenness or blurring of gender lines. Furthermore, energy isn’t essentially an antonym of feminine; what OL continues to point out is that there’s energy to be realized in softness, no matter who wears the pants, or skirt.

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