‘Pac-Man Ninety nine’ fight royale launches Wednesday on Nintendo Switch

In 2019 Nintendo launched Tetris 99 as a free fight royale game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers before making an are attempting out Astronomical Mario Bros. 35 hasty, and now it be following those video games up with Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99

Bandai Namco

Available exclusively on the Switch for fogeys with the net subscription, the game lets avid gamers relish Vitality Pellets to employ ghosts inclined, as you will quiz in a Pac-Man title. Once avid gamers relish the inclined ghosts, the ghosts flip trusty into a Jammer Pac-Man that chases opponents and slows them down. Following the foundations of fight royale, avid gamers drop one at a time unless the sphere is winnowed down from the 99 preliminary avid gamers to one winner. 

The unlit game is straight accessible at no extra price for subscribers, whereas no longer mandatory DLC adds CPU mode, time assault and varied personalized issues, with a pair of of the issues referencing classic Bandai video games. The issues are readily accessible for $2 every, whereas avid gamers can appreciate the extra modes in a $15 add-on, or perfect gain the overall extras trusty now for $30.

Pac-Man 99 will originate on the Switch the next day to come, April 7th at 9 PM ET. Switch Online subscribers can pre-load it now by going to Nintendo’s web instruct online so they’ll be ready when the servers starting up.


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