Paul plans to ‘embarrass’ Nate Diaz, calls out McGregor

Love him or loathe him, Jake Paul is making waves in the strive against sports actions sphere and is getting the dignity of some gargantuan name opponents.

No topic his big inexperience in the boxing ring, Paul already has a fight lined up with former ONE FC and Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren in April and, after that, the 24-year-ragged has UFC standouts Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor on his radar.

Paul plans to ‘embarrass’ Diaz, who said the YouTuber must examine out what he needs for, sooner than developing a mega fight with McGregor, whom he labelled ‘Dana White’s b-tch’.

“We’ll see what occurs after this fight,” Paul told MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn in a recent interview. “Floyd Mayweather called me out final week. I mute think there’s the McGregor fight. Nate Diaz said he’s staunch down to fight me. We’ll see what occurs. I’m excited. That is factual the begin up of an infamous profession. Ben Askren factual occurs to be the principle on the checklist.

“Folk are going to see. They’re going to be surprised, and it’s going to be exhausting for me to score a fight after this, to be stunning. It actually is. Folk are going to see my efficiency and order, ‘Let’s actually 2nd bet ourselves right here because, will we desire to lose to the Disney channel actor, boxer microscopic one?”

“I suspect Nate Diaz will potentially occur first,” he added. “I suspect Conor needs to score some wins below his belt. Conor is owned by Dana White. Conor is Dana White’s (expletive), so he has to score Dana White’s approval. Nate Diaz most spirited has two more fights in the UFC (on his contract), so if he can total those and he’s freed up then Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul will occur in 2022. Those are build of the talks that are going down lawful now.

“When I beat Nate Diaz, as soon as I embarrass him in actual fact, I will be undeniable to McGregor because I’ll order, ‘Hey, bubba. Hear to me, man, you microscopic Irish man: I beat the man who beat you. So that you have to fight me.’ That’s why right here’s so bright. It’s one step at a time. It’s one fight at a time. I mute own a significant milestone before me April 17, and love I said, although, right here’s the begin up of an infamous profession. Ten years from now I’ll be coming to seek these interviews, and I’ll be love, ‘Damn, this microscopic one used to be rather imperfect genius, predicting all of this.”

Paul is factual 2-0 as a legit boxer but warned critics now not to write down him off before his extremely anticipated showdown with Askren on April 17.

“I’ve performed a huge job of hiding my boxing skill because factual the less those that know, the better,” Paul said. “Nonetheless I suspect the cat’s build of out of the fetch. I suspect folk are beginning to expend on and be love, ‘Ah, this microscopic one is now not a (expletive) droll narrative. I’m a exact dogs, man. I’m a exact, bonafide, striking-ass, Navy-Seal-swinging-ass, mom(expletive) dogs.”

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