Paul vs. Woodley loser to assemble ‘Ink Grasp’ tattoo

The loser of the tattoo bet between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will gather inked on fight night by one of many most proficient tattoo artists from Miami.

Paul and Woodley agreed on a raffle this past July that the loser of the fight would possibly want to gather the title of their opponent tattooed on them. All that changed into once left to stop changed into once accept a tattoo artist who changed into once ready to stop it, and we now know who that is. Katherine Flores — better known professionally as Tatu Toddler — changed into once fair no longer too lengthy ago reached out to by Paul to stop the tattoo and she agreed.

Flores is principal from her appearances on the American actuality tattoo competitors expose, Ink Grasp. She changed into once featured on seasons two and three, where she positioned fourth and third overall in the competitors respectively. Flores later opened her have tattoo shop named ‘Till The Live Tattoos’ in Miami and has persisted to tattoo a replace of celebrities, including names similar to Dwyane Wade and Canelo Alvarez.

Flores spoke with TMZ Sports and stated she changed into once namely asked by Paul to no longer fully invent more than one designs for the tattoos however also waft in to Cleveland to tattoo the loser as soon because the fight is over.

“Jake certainly reached out to me and explained that there is a tattoo at stake at his fight,” stated Flores. “The loser has to assemble the opponent’s successful title tattooed on them. I changed into once mind blown because that’s something so permanent [and] there’s so powerful at stake right here with this fight and this tattoo.

“The tournament is flying me to Cleveland and as soon because the fight is finished, I am tattooing the loser.”

Flores delivered three designs, which is ready to be seen above. Paul and Woodley can grasp which of the three they’d slightly possess tattooed on them on and whether it can presumably presumably perhaps be executed in color or in dark and grey. Flores stated that the tattoos will rob between 30 and 60 minutes to stop.

Each Paul and Woodley possess stated they are ready for to build each different in a world of trouble, however Flores stated there would possibly be nothing more painful than getting a tattoo immediately after a loss.

“After a painful fight and after a painful loss, [they will] gather a painful tattoo that’s going to be on you for the the rest of your life.”

Paul and Woodley meet on Sunday, Aug. 29 are dwelling on pay-per-deem about from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

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