Pete Carroll addresses Seahawks’ struggles on offense after Cardinals loss

The Seahawks’ offense has struggled in every of their previous two video games, failing to attain more than 14 suggestions in either contest. For the major time in quarterback Russell Wilson’s profession, he has misplaced three consecutive begins and the team has scored more than 20 suggestions correct as soon as in its final seven video games. 

“I assemble no longer know why … it became a thriller to us to attain suggestions,” coach Pete Carroll talked about after Sunday’s 23–13 loss to the Cardinals. “That is rarely been the scenario, and we have frequently been in a position to slump the ball and score and stuff. I assemble no longer know why this time physique. It started when Russ obtained banged up, and then it hasn’t—we correct haven’t obtained productive esteem we need to be, and we have obtained to obtain back heading in the suitable direction. Presumably it be going to be about a weeks for taking a month off for Russ to be at his handiest to support us the build we can, but we have obtained to enact stuff spherical him as effectively.”

Sunday’s loss dropped Seattle to three–7, marking correct the 2d time in his more-than-decade-long tenure they’ve been four video games under .500. 

Per ESPN’s Brady Henderson, Carroll answered questions for spherical eight minutes Sunday earlier than walking away announcing, “I’m genuinely done. I’m done,” as one other predict used to be being requested. He later returned and apologized for his early exit. 

“I’m correct no longer any factual at this,” Carroll talked about of how he’s handling his team’s recent struggles. “I’m no longer spicy for this. I’m struggling to enact a factual job of coaching whereas you are getting your butt kicked week in and week out. It be modern territory, and I’m competing in every formula I’m in a position to evaluate. Nonetheless I’m correct unparalleled with it.”

The Seahawks can have an additional day to resolve a leer at and gain an reply to their struggles as they play Washington subsequent Monday night. 

Kickoff is space for 8: 15 p.m. ET.

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