PHOTOS: Fairy Fountain Waterfall in Wanning Mountains

In case your senses ever procure stout of the invitingly quaint yet because it goes to be hipster delights of Riyue Bay, a temporary pressure or trudge up into the mountains will direct you to Xiannu Tan, a bijou and easy-to-reach waterfall pool currently designated as an legitimate tourism space.

As you potential Xiannu Tan (仙女潭), which accurately translated potential ‘Fairy Pool’, a conventional Hainanese tropical vista treats your eyes. You are going to surprise what awaits as you wind up the mountain avenue.


Having been there on three times now, I’m able to direct two things. At the starting establish, the fairies are both invisible or had been driven away by the favored world (I stand with the latter concept). Whereas that is regrettable, going out of the approach to procure to this pool three times now proves it’s price a seek the advice of with.

The waterfall is now now not in particular excessive, nonetheless it’s rather ferocious. Standing below it, which is completely conceivable and instructed, could maybe even be likened to the force applied via venerable Chinese language massages. Below the topple lies a generously proportioned pool, brimming with icy, crystalline water, and garnished with leaves from overhanging trees.


Because the water runs off the mountains, the water diploma can vary. On my first and 2d visits at some stage within the reasonably dry interval of Hainan’s iciness, the diploma changed into low ample to present heaps of uncovered rock on which to bask and relax with a beer or water, relying upon within the occasion you’re the designated driver or now now not. The low diploma also revealed a shallow cave into which the braver of us could maybe establish on to enterprise.


On my most most recent seek the advice of with, it had been raining heavily yesterday, and so with the increased water diploma, the cave and rocks had been roughly submerged. The water diploma or the rains seemed as if it will maybe maybe own instilled some native youths with the boldness to dash down or jump off the waterfall into the frigid depths. Admittedly, here is now now not an activity I’d imply, nevertheless after a pair of hours of commentary, the youths in quiz all seemed as if it would be uninjured.


The course of the river that offers the waterfall extends rather a potential within the aid of it. It’s rather a stress-free journey climbing and rock hopping, nevertheless invent direct some ‘shining’ sneakers within the occasion you imply to search out that house.


Your total house is well-maintained. From what I saw, locals and vacationers alike had been mindful to take their trash with them as they left. There could be extraordinarily very finest parking overlooking the waterfall, and a roadside stall all around the avenue selling coconuts alongside a total host of totally different refreshments. There don’t appear to be any altering facilities, so ideal to direct a mountainous towel with you or fair trudge aid to Riyue Bay wet!

The ideal components to reach Xiannu Tan is from Riyue Bay via X187, taking a left flip onto X228. For other folks that need in level of truth unparalleled views to accompany their hump, bear in tips a day out to Xinglong first to procure some native espresso, then space your GPS to 仙女潭瀑布 (Xiannu Tan Waterfall). You won’t remorse it.

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