Pop Smoke’s Gravesite Crypt Badly Vandalized in Brooklyn Cemetery

Pop Smoke
Gravesite Crypt Badly Vandalized
Casket Dragged Out???

9/12/2021 5: 50 AM PT

5: 49 AM PT9/12 Legislation enforcement sources dispute TMZ … NYPD replied to the cemetery around 2: 00 PM yesterday after an employee realized Pop Smoke’s crypt broken.

The crypt used to be broken one day between 2: 30 PM on Friday and a pair of: 00 PM on Saturday

There bask in been no cameras within the predicament and the total Hurt is $500.00 Up to now, there are no longer any suspects and no arrests bask in been made. Police are in actuality investigating.

Pop Smoke‘s gravesite used to be realized utterly destroyed this weekend — this after obvious vandals smashed his crypt … and interestingly tried dragging his casket out.

TMZ has obtained pictures of what an eyewitness says they stumbled upon Saturday morning at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY — where the rapper used to be buried and laid to rest final yr following his execute in early 2020. As which that you just might possibly possibly understand … it is miles a complete mess.

We’re advised Pop Smoke’s predicament on the outer wall of a mausoleum for the length of the grounds regarded as if it’d be singled out and horribly vandalized … with his marble plaque cracked and broken through, nearly fully. It’s most likely you’ll possibly additionally understand his burly name displayed … Bashar Barakah Jackson

There used to be other debris left scattered on the floor … including what we’re advised regarded esteem burned and discarded joints, as successfully as vegetation.

The worst section is that there looks to be to be plod marks left on the floor … and every other shot of what we’re advised used to be lawful across from the mausoleum looks to be to point to the perps might possibly possibly possibly’ve in actuality gotten into Pop Smoke’s tomb … either pulling one thing out, or attempting to.

The eyewitness tells us this door-taking a see thing regarded as if it’d be a concrete slab that will presumably take a seat over PS’s casket, keeping apart his physique from every other lawful above him. The murky rectangular object, we’re advised, additionally regarded to be section of Pop Smoke’s wall enclosure.

It be unclear if the casket used to be smooth inside of or intact … nonetheless we’re advised the one who realized this notified safety, who bask in been supposedly blind to one of these vandalism except being advised. The eyewitness additionally tells us that after they returned to the positioning some hours later … Pop Smoke’s plaque had been modified with a blank slab, and there used to be caution tape across the predicament. A number of the debris had additionally been cleaned up — nonetheless it absolutely used to be smooth rather obvious one thing disagreeable had took utter.

No discover on whether PS’s plaque shall be modified, and if that is the case … who exactly pays for it.

We now bask in received calls in to the cemetery, Pop Smoke’s family/reps … as successfully as law enforcement officials to see if this has been reported.

In the initiating Published — 9/11 3: 34 PM PT

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