Professor, pastor and smartly-liked podcaster with Parkinson’s disease releases new book sequence ‘A Church Dismantled — A Kingdom Restored’

Rev. Dr. Conrad L. Kanagy addresses the inquire “Why is God Taking Apart the Church?” reflecting upon this inquire by the lens of his be pleased physique’s dismantling

Professor, Pastor and Podcaster Dr. Conrad L. Kanagy has begun releasing four books in a sequence entitled “A Church Dismantled.” What began within the early months of the covid pandemic as a podcast to tackle the explain to “re-open” the church has emerged as four books centered around the inquire of  “Why is God Taking Apart the Church?” 

Kanagy addresses this inquire by the lens of his be pleased trip with Parkinson’s Illness and his belief that within the general dismantlings of our lives, the church, and the sphere, God is at work to herald the brand new heaven and new earth, and that all the pieces else is a footnote to this huge venture of which Isaiah describes in chapter 40, the place apart mountains are eliminated, valleys raised, rough locations made soft, and twisted locations straight. 

Walter Brueggemann says of Kanagy’s work: “I’d label the writing form of this book as “breezy.” Conrad Kanagy is able to order issues and misguided many boundaries no longer that you would possibly presumably well to find a plot to ponder of in a extra somber mood.”

Donald Kraybill, writer of the Upside Down Kingdom, heralds the first book by noting: “Cherish is the unheard of marque message in Kanagy’s essays. These essays mix the express of a prophet, the see of a sociologist, the center of a pastor, the facts of an educator, and above the total candid confessions of a youngster of God.”

Readers consistently divulge the phrases first rate, susceptible, factual, prophetic, and hope to listing Kanagy’s work. The four books to be launched this Tumble are entitled: 

  • A Church Dismantled–A Kingdom Restored: Why is God Taking Apart the Church?
  • Ministry in A Church Dismantled: To Mosey Down or Form Up?
  • In A Church Dismantled the Light Indifferent Shines: Reflections for Sacred Time
  • In A Church Dismantled–One Pilgrim’s Race: Finding My Formulation Home within the Gloomy

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