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Pterosaur had a head crest so tall it’d comprise made it anxious to traipse


25 August 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Tupandactylus navigans

Artist’s rendering of Tupandactylus navigans

Victor Beccari

A 100-million-yr-passe fossil that changed into confiscated by Brazilian police throughout a raid in Sāo Paolo has been identified as one in every of the strangest pterosaurs ever to comprise lived, with a 50-centimetre-tall head crest that could well well comprise made it advanced for the winged reptile to traipse.

Pterosaurs, far away kinfolk of the dinosaurs, were a if truth be told worthwhile and diverse crew. The smallest had wingspans of 25 centimetres, while the biggest had wingspans of 10 metres. The so-known as tapejarid pterosaurs were neither the largest nor the smallest …

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