R. Kelly Accuser Says in Tearful Testimony She Was ‘Educated’ to Please Singer as a Teen

“I went to Put off’s home and Put off called me ‘a silly bitch.’ Put off slapped me three times and mentioned if I lied to him all all over again it be no longer going to be an originate hand subsequent time,” she learn. “He spit in my face and in my mouth. He choked me throughout an argument. I had intercourse with him — oral intercourse with him. I grew to change into bored stiff with him and I went home and confessed.”

Straight away after finding out the the entry, Journey tearfully requested for a “toilet crash.”

As the trial towards Kelly entered its second day, at the prosecution’s search recordsdata from Journey detailed Kelly’s demands throughout their sexual encounters, at which length Journey became 16. “He wanted me to set my hair up in pigtails and dress devour a Girl Scout,” she mentioned. In accordance with Journey, now 28, Kelly would memoir their encounters with his iPhone or a Canon camera blueprint up on a tripod. At one other point in her testimony, Journey explained that on one occasion, Kelly suggested her to approach to his tour bus parked originate air of his Olympia Fields mansion to be “trained” to “please” him by one other lady.

Throughout Journey’s defective-examination, Cannick tried to repeat inconsistencies in her memoir and paint her as a “superfan.” He accused Journey of “stalking” Kelly and lying about her age initially sexual approach upon after she claimed to indulge in met Kelly when she became 14 on April 1, 2008, throughout his child pornography trial that became going on at the time. Journey mentioned their first sexual approach upon became 13 months later, when she became 16.

“So you developed two years in twelve months and one month?” Cannick confidently asserted in an tried “gotcha” moment. Journey’s birthday, it turns out, is April 19, and she turned 15 only two weeks after her first assembly with Kelly.

Cannick continued to press Journey for answers referring to her reasoning for waiting originate air of Kelly’s home, previous conferences with the prosecution lasting over five hours and talk point to interviews she has given about her relationship with Kelly. Many of these questions were met with “I don’t utilize,” from Journey.

Two other witnesses took the stand on Thursday: police officer Garrick Amschl, who answered a lacking juvenile call referring to Gardner that led him to Kelly’s home; and Kelly’s predominant physician of 25 years, Dr. Kris McGrath. McGrath detailed Kelly’s history of sexually transmitted infections and testified that he became “100%” definite that the “Step In the Name of Like” singer had genital herpes and prescribed remedy in 2007, supporting the prosecution’s rate Kelly knowingly transmitted the infection to ladies with out their consent — including Journey.

Kelly is facing costs including racketeering, sexual exploitation of a kid, bribery, kidnapping and forced labor. If convicted on all counts, he will face 10 years to lifestyles in prison.

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