Ragnarok ransomware gang shuts down and releases decryption key


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The cybercriminals on the succor of the Ragnarok ransomware have decided to discontinuance up shop and have now launched the master key in a position to decrypting files locked with their malware.

As reported by BleepingComputer, the Ragnarok ransomware gang didn’t even leave a showcase explaining the movement. As a exchange, they replaced all of the victims on their leak dwelling with a short location of instructions that told them how they might perhaps presumably perhaps perhaps moreover neutral decrypt their files utilizing the now publicly readily available master key.

On the same time, the community’s leak dwelling, which used to be gentle to disgrace victims into paying to decrypt their files, has been stripped of all visual substances. The dwelling now only has several textual roar material boxes with instructions as well to an archive containing the master key and the binaries that affiliate with it.

In total when ransomware groups shut down, they generally leave a showcase explaining their actions or reach out to a files outlet as used to be the case with the GandCrab ransomware community in 2019 and the Maze ransomware community final twelve months. Whereas GandCrab explained why it used to be shutting down in a put up on a most common hacking discussion board, the operators on the succor of the Maze ransomware in my understanding reached out to BleepingComputer to repeat their resolution.

Victims off the hook

Up unless recently, the Ragnarok ransomware leak dwelling supplied exiguous print on 12 victims whose companies are situated in France, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Thailand, the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Spain and Italy and performance across a broad selection of industries from manufacturing to correct services and products.

BleepingComputer also spoke to ransomware expert Michael Gillespie who confirmed that he used to be ready to decrypt files locked utilizing the Ragnarok ransomware with the master key. On the different hand, a universal decryptor for the Ragnarok ransomware is at showcase in building by Emsisoft which will likely be working on a decryption utility for the SynAck ransomware whose operators closed up shop earlier this month.

The Ragnarok ransomware community has been energetic within the wild since as a minimum January of final twelve months. The community won notoriety for exploiting the Citrix ADC vulnerability to encrypt the programs of dozens of victims.

We will must wait and seek if the cybercriminals on the succor of Ragnarok are growing a brand unusual ransomware rigidity or if they’ve formally called it quits for loyal.

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