Rand Paul Refuses to Reveal Election Wasn’t Stolen: ‘I Obtained’t Be Cowed by Liberals’

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) made a fool of himself on nationwide tv.

Requested limitless instances by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday if he would admit that the presidential election used to be no longer stolen from Donald Trump, the Republican senator refused to expose the truth and blamed the courts, liberal politicians and, perceive that, the liberal media for his struggles with accepting actuality.

“Senator Paul, let me launch with a threshold ask for you. This election used to be no longer stolen, form you glean that truth?” the host started the interview.

Paul then launched into a bevy of untruths about election fraud that he and Trump’s allies have continually spouted since his defeat to President Biden months within the past.

Stephanopoulos interrupted Paul: “I in actuality need to stop you there. No election is great. But there were 86 challenges filed by President Trump and his allies in court. All were disregarded. Every negate licensed the outcomes.”

The contentious again-and-forth persevered with the host asking Paul all over again, “Can’t you staunch tell the words ‘this election used to be no longer stolen?’ ”

Paul persevered to deflect, pronouncing, “Seventy-five p.c of Republicans believe me.”

Stephanopoulos shot again, “Effectively, 75 p.c of Republicans believe you on account of they were fed a substantial lie by President Trump and his supporters to converse the election used to be stolen.”

Paul then attacked the host pronouncing, “Hiya, George, where you originate a mistake is that of us coming from the liberal facet admire you, you at this time tell all the pieces’s a lie in preference to pronouncing there are two aspects to all the pieces.”

Paul told Stephanopoulos he won’t be intimidated, pronouncing, “I won’t be cowed by liberals within the media.” The senator then lectured the host about how “there are two aspects to all the pieces” and the media purposely forgets that on account of they detest Republicans.

“That’s the command with the media this day is that they are saying all Republicans are liars, and all the pieces we tell is a lie. There are two aspects to every myth,” Paul mentioned.

Again, Stephanopoulos tried to bring Paul again to the correct world, pronouncing, “Sir, there are no longer two aspects to this myth.”

During the short interview, Paul veritably returned to the theme that it’s the liberal media that is against his truth-within the hunt for adventures. But with one flip of the far flung on Sunday morning, one renowned Republican gave the affect that some within the GOP dwell in alternate universes.

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, a guest on Fox News Sunday, mentioned no longer finest would possibly additionally serene the impeachment trial pass forward, however agreed with Paul that, sure, certainly there used to be election corruption however it with out a doubt used to be perpetrated by Donald Trump and no longer as soon as, however twice.

“I reflect it’s reasonably sure that all the method throughout the final one year or so, there has been an effort to rude the election within the US. And it used to be no longer by President Biden, it used to be by President Trump,” Romney mentioned.

One occasion, two realities https://t.co/qZtFTOzPfa pic.twitter.com/9ghv0mNi1x

— Peter Wade (@brooklynmutt) January 24, 2021

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