Rare Mew Pokémon Oreos Are Selling For Hundreds

Mew glistens with sparkles in a forest.

Portray: The Pokémon Firm

Basically the most efficient quick-buck plot of the twelve months isn’t GameStop stock, cryptocurrency, or reselling subsequent-gen consoles. It’s…Pokémon Oreos? Oreos emblazoned with designs of Mew, the psychic-style feline Pokémon, are currently selling for hundreds of if no longer thousands of bucks on eBay.

Wait, there are Pokémon Oreos?

Earlier this month, Oreo announced a restricted-edition bustle of its signature sandwich cookies with Pokémon-themed designs. The tubby suite of choices falls a ways in want of Pokémon’s tubby 6,298,524-monster roster, featuring 16 Pokémon from across several generations: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Dratini, Grookey, Jigglypuff, Lapras, Mew, Pancham, Pikachu, Piplup, Rowlett, Sableye, Sandshrew, Snivy, and Squirtle.

Truly, it’d be an attractive frosty horrid-brand collab, if, y’know, workers at Nabisco (which produces Oreos) hadn’t been on a neatly-publicized strike since earlier this summer season.

Be taught Extra: Pokémon Oreos Would Be Cooler If Nabisco Workers Weren’t Striking

Sorry, they’re re-selling for how vital?

Of the 16 in the market designs, Mew is much and away the rarest. This tracks with source fabric; in the game, Mew is an exceptionally uncommon Pokémon. On the full, there turned into easiest one in each and every game, and you’d ought to exercise something admire a GameShark or any other in-game glitch to impress the elusive creature. In accordance with Pokémon data-trove house Serebii, Mew has a defend charge—the probability that your Poké Ball will successfully make a selection a Pokémon—of 45. For comparison’s sake, a cannon-fodder Poké admire Rattata has a make a selection charge of 255. So yeah, the minute red psychic-powered Pokémon is Mew and much between.

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A close up photo of a Mew Pokémon Oreo against a background showing the Pokémon Oreo packaging

That rarity has now been reflected in the real world of internet cookie commerce. The bidding site eBay is awash in listings with truly eye-popping figures: $20, $200, $623.33 (???), $2,000, and heaps others, all the manner as much as five-decide sums. And these aren’t all bunk listings, where something goes up and appropriate languishes with out bids for a dog’s age. Truly, as of this writing, one itemizing, which has got 34 bids, is currently fielding bids of $13,300. (The proceeds revenue charity.) Many of these have dozens of “watchers,” or these that’ve added these objects to their search recordsdata from record, indicating hobby in bidding.

In accordance with the meals resource house Luxuriate in By Date, Oreos have a shelf lifestyles of no longer as much as a month.

However is this in actuality all so disagreeable? C’mon, it’s Pokémon! Of route this turned into gonna spiral uncontrolled into a collector’s free-for-all with ludicrous label tags and unexpected habits. Spurred by a series of issues, in conjunction with production woes as a outcomes of covid-19, the Pokémon Firm can’t print cards mercurial ample to defend with search recordsdata from.

The shortage has spurred some unacceptable physical habits as neatly. Bewitch a viral video from earlier this summer season, when dozens of purchasers stormed a Pennsylvania Walmart at the outlet bell with a view to attain some cards. (Target temporarily halted physical gross sales of Pokémon cards to quash fights and other same habits.) And last week, in Hiroshima, Japan, a particular person assaulted and then robbed a college student of a 150-card field.

Gotta make a selection ‘em all, I assume, no topic the cost.

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