Ray Liotta: Frank Sinatra’s daughters once despatched me a horse head

Ray Liotta
Ray Liotta performed Frank Sinatra in the 1998 HBO movie “The Rat Pack.”
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Seems enjoy Ray Liotta regarded enjoy a true horse’s ass.

Liotta, 66, published Frank Sinatra’s daughters, Nancy and Tina, mailed him a horse’s head after he performed their father in the 1998 HBO film “The Rat Pack.”

The “Goodfellas” actor explained in a most neatly-liked episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage” that Nancy, now 81, and Tina, 73, had been in the course of increasing their maintain TV miniseries about their famed musician father on the same time Liotta became once making “The Rat Pack.” The sisters determined to send a horse head as an homage to the enduring scene in “The Godfather” that serves as a savage warning — or as Liotta put it, “You’re toast.”

“The daughters, they wished me to invent a miniseries once they had been doing a miniseries about it and I correct felt too sad,” he acknowledged on the blow their own horns.

Liotta persevered, “We had been doing the movie and I purchased delivered a horse’s head … Obviously, it wasn’t a true one, however it completely became once a horse’s head. And, you appreciate, a horse’s head manner you’re toast.”

Nancy Sinatra is now 81.
Nancy Sinatra is now 81.
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“It turned out that his daughters despatched it and acknowledged, ‘Oh, that you simply can most likely invent this one, however you couldn’t invent the one who we wished you to?’” he added.

Nancy and Tina’s miniseries never made it to manufacturing, they veritably opted to focal level on releasing the documentary “Sinatra: All or Nothing at All.”

“The Rat Pack” scored three Emmy Awards and Don Cheadle obtained a Golden Globe for his fair as neighborhood member Sammy Davis Jr.

Tina Sinatra is 73.
Tina Sinatra is 73.

Joe Mantegna stars as Dean Martin, while Angus Macfadyen portrayed Peter Lawford, the opposite two contributors of the inferior Rat Pack.

Liotta became once final seen in the “Sopranos” prequel “The Many Saints of Newark” as mob kingpin Aldo “Hollywood Dick” Moltisanti. He told The Put up final month he’s nothing enjoy the wiseguy characters he’s known for having fun with.

Frank Sinatra
Sinatra’s daughters, Nancy and Tina, had been in the formulation of making a series about their famed dad when Liotta starred in the HBO film “The Rat Pack.”

“I don’t bolt around beating other folks up,” he acknowledged. “I’ve never been in a fight. I steer certain of it in any admire expenses.”

Liotta also didn’t surely look the enduring HBO series. “I had seen bits and pieces of it when it first came out,” he acknowledged. “But at that time in my lifestyles … you’re out doing things. And then I became once correct enjoy, ‘I don’t know if I wanna look it.’ ”

He persevered, “[The series] didn’t reveal my choices whatsoever of what to invent. It became once all in the script. Because I didn’t look the series, I didn’t feel enjoy I surely missed quite so much of the stuff because I didn’t know what they had been talking about. This movie stands on my own.”

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