Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman speaks out about his role in the impeachment of Trump

Alexander Vindman on truth and its penalties

Alexander Vindman on truth and its consequenc…

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“I became once the motive force at the aid of this complete thing,” said retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. “I’m getting some chills speaking about it accurate now.”

Vindman is speaking about the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Fair in his Military uniform, he became once the considerable individual stare in opposition to his commander-in-chief.

In his November 2019 testimony earlier than the Home Intelligence Committee, he stated: “Right here is The United States.  Right here is the nation I’ve served and defended, that all my brothers maintain served. And right here, accurate matters.”



And that is the title of his memoir – a coming-to-The United States fable which began in 1979, when his widowed father, Semyon, packed up Alexander, his identical twin, Eugene, and their older brother, and fled Ukraine, which became once then part of the Soviet Union.

“I do know that for my children it is far never any future, intellectual future there,” said Semyon. “For this reason it is time to head in the free nation.”

CBS Data nationwide security correspondent David Martin requested, “What did you request to uncover while you came to this nation?”

“I anticipated freedom,” he replied.

“Did you uncover freedom right here?”

“Trot, I uncover freedom,” he laughed. “Extra freedom than I anticipated!”

Semyon Vindman (center), alongside with his twin sons, Eugene (left), and Alexander.

CBS Data

They grew up in Brooklyn, speaking Russian at house while Semyon made $20 a day transferring furnishings – an immigrant household with rambunctious twins who didn’t learn discipline unless they joined the Military.

Alexander turned an infantry officer and earned a Red Heart in Iraq. “It became once an ambush with an improvised explosive instrument,” he said.  “I took shrapnel, which I mute maintain in my leg, my shoulder, my reduction.”

Utilizing his Russian language abilities, Alexander went to work for then-Joint Chiefs Chairman Total Joseph Dunford, and accompanied him to conferences with Russian chief of team Total Valery Gerasimov.

“When Chairman Dunford launched me as, you respect, of Ukrainian starting up, Gerasimov joked that, ‘No shock kinfolk between the U.S. and Russia are so depraved,'” Alexander recalled.

Then, on the day of President Trump’s summit assembly with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Alexander reported to the White Home for his dream job on the Nationwide Security Council team: “The job that I had been attempting to win to, the heart of executive, the belly button for every part that became once happening,” he said.

His brother Eugene, an Military attorney, turned the Nationwide Security Council’s chief ethics officer.

Semyon said, “I never anticipated that they commence working in the White Home. The most life like possible other folks work in the White Home! Each and each of these, twins? It is outlandish.”

365 days later, Alexander took notes as Mr. Trump held his now-depraved cell phone name with the President of Ukraine, Volodymr Zelensky.

Martin requested what the president’s name with Zelensky sounded fancy.

“He became once distant, he became once touchy,” Alexander said. “He became once reluctantly conducting this cell phone name, and most life like possible when it came to head to to this discussion of the Bidens did he more or much less take and perk up.”

Per the transcript, Mr. Trump requested Zelensky to “carry out us a favor”: launch an investigation into then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter’s, dealings in Ukraine. 

On July 25, 2019, President Trump spoke with the president of Ukraine, who became once seeking Javelin anti-tank missiles from the usa for its defense in opposition to Russian incursions. Sooner than acknowledging the palms seek records from, Mr. Trump requested for dirt to be dilapidated in opposition to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, linked to Biden’s son, Hunter, who had exchange dealings with a Ukrainian company.

CBS Data

What Alexander did next made the name Vindman a household be conscious: “I trudge straight upstairs into the ideal suite, and my twin brother’s place of enterprise is practically as rapidly as you stir in.  I trudge in, shut the door, and list him, ‘Eugene, if what I’m about to list you becomes public, the president will be impeached.'”

“Did you want the President to be impeached?” requested Martin.

“I had no thoughts about this ever changing into public,” he replied.

Eugene said, “We may perhaps presumably additionally no longer maintain identified your complete penalties in that first 5-minute conversation. Nevertheless our thoughts became once in a transient time made up about what actions we would protect and what our responsibility became once.”

For his or her father, accusing the President of the usa of impropriety became once unthinkable: “I list him, ‘Close, affect no longer carry out this.'”

Martin requested, “What did you concentrate on may perhaps presumably happen to him?”

“I reside in Soviet Union 47 years,” said Semyon. “If he tried to carry out this in Soviet Union, he straight away trudge in jail with out query for a in point of fact long time. … He presumably reside three days most life like possible, and they [shoot] him in jail on the spot.”

The Democratic majority in the Home voted to question President Trump, however the Republican majority in the Senate voted to acquit him … and the Vindman twins had been banished from the White Home. Alexander said, “The Senate trial ends, I have confidence about, on a Wednesday. I became once let trudge on Friday. … They fired my brother for factual measure.”

“We had been in the guts of an ‘enemy camp,'” Eugene said. “I became once vastly stunned that it took unless Friday earlier than we had been each and each marched out.”

Martin requested Semyon, “What did you concentrate on about that?”

“They no longer have to head from Home. They gorgeous other folks, inspire in Military 21 years. He fight in Iraq. He accumulate our freedom.”

They had been each and each mute on active responsibility in the Military, and the commander-in-chief tweeted on February 8, 2020 that Alexander had been “very insubordinate.”

Mr. Trump educated reporters, “I’m no longer happy with him. You concentrate on I’m speculated to feel free with him? I’m no longer!”

“Very, in a transient time, I stumbled on that the Department of Defense needed me out of peep and out of thoughts,” said Alexander.

Each and each Vindmans had been ousted from their posts at the White Home following Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial. 

CBS Data

He had already been chosen to again the Military warfare college, a plum assignment that carried with it a promotion to colonel. It looked factual on paper, but senior officers privately warned him he had no future in the military. “The most life like possible I may perhaps presumably additionally request to carry out is to chase out a profession as a colonel and carry out some fluff assignment in completely different areas.”

“The set’s the fluff assignment?” requested Martin.

“I may perhaps presumably additionally’ve ended up in a radar predicament in Alaska,” he replied.

Eugene stayed in. and became once promoted to colonel. Nevertheless Alexander hit “ship” on his retirement papers and left the Military, to become a historical footnote.

“How many officers in the usa Military may perhaps presumably additionally pinpoint precisely the moment they made the adaptation?” Alexander said. “And that appears fancy a little mark to pay, a little sacrifice for my nation.”

Asked if he remembered how he ended his opening commentary earlier than Congress, Alexander replied, “In any case”:

“Dad … carry out no longer awe, I will be aesthetic for telling the truth.”

Day 3, Allotment 4: Vindman’s opening commentary

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Had been you aesthetic?” Martin requested.

“It didn’t seek massive,” Alexander said. “I became once deeply interesting on, you respect, caring for my household and assembly my household’s wishes. Nevertheless I also had the self assurance that I may perhaps presumably be ready to launch over fancy my father did.”

Semyon said, “For this reason I insist you right here. Or no longer it is a free nation. It is possible you’ll perhaps presumably presumably additionally carry out what you want.”

For indispensable of this nation, the impeachment of President Trump became once a political circus. For the Vindman household, it became once a coming-to-The United States fable fancy no other.

Of his sons, Semyon said, “Honest boys. I fancy these boys!”


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Narrative produced by Mary Walsh. Editor: Joseph Frandino. 

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